Volumedrive ran away with the servers and users data

Volumedrive scam

Volumedrive ran away with the servers and users data. Their main website is offline and received a disturbing mail from burst.net regarding the same.

The mail says:

Hello,Unfortunately, due to a recent situation with VolumeDrive, your server is likely currently offline. BurstNET may be able to assist you in the matter, if by chance we still have your server in our possession, or can set you us a rush delivery replacement server.VolumeDrive was scheduled to relocate to our brand new facility here in PA, moved about 20% of their stuff in, put the rest of their stuff in another truck, and never showed up with the remainder at our facility. We tracked them to an office building about 20 miles away, and we assume the rest of the stuff is relocated there, and we saw all their cars and staff outside the building to confirm it. After 24 hours, they do not even have their own website online, so we question whether they will get anything online at all, and how they are going to explain the 300+ servers they left down in our facility with live clients on them.We do have a percentage of the servers they hosted, that they simply left behind, and are more than happy to accommodate you if possible. Even if we do not have the physical server we would be happy to rush build you a new machine and have it online as soon as possible, running in a company that has been in the industry for 23 years, and is not going anywhere soon. The first step in getting your server back online would be opening a ticket to sales@burst.net in which we will provide you with the steps for transferring service to us. We empathize with the inconvenience this has caused you, and want to do whatever we are able to get you, and your end clients/users/visitors, back online as soon as possible.Please contact sales@burst.net ASAP, and we will do our best to assist you in your time of need here…Thank you for your time.

One of my seedbox was down from past few days and i was wondering what could be the reason. Volumedrive is known for providing cheaps servers. Once upon a time BHW forum was hosted there. Its really unfortunate for everyone if they do not comeback. Hard work of so many people is just ruined because of their act. This is one of the treason you should aleays choose reliable web host.

Hamfest India 2013 on September 21, 22 at Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

hamlogoAt the heart of any innovation is knowledge and for knowledge to spread, it must be shared. Any Hamfest, of course provides excellent opportunity for gaining both practical and theoretical knowledge about advancements in the field of amateur radio communication. Hamfest 2012 at Chennai was a huge success.

From its humble beginnings at Kuttikkanam, Kerala, Hamfest has evolved into a technical but casual gathering of all hams in India. For the first time Hamfest comes to Northern part of India.

Hamfest India 2013 is scheduled to take place at Atal Bihari Vajpayee IIITM, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh on September 21, 22, 2013.

Registration Fee (For one person):

  • Early birds (Valid till 1 August 2013): Rs. 500
  • From 1 August to 15 September: Rs. 800
  • On-spot registrations: Rs. 1000

Registration Fee (For couple):

  • Early birds (Valid till 1 August 2013): Rs. 800
  • From 1 August to 15 September: Rs. 1200
  • On-spot registrations: Rs. 1000 each

Note: The registration fee for the candidates from SAARC countries is same as above. For those not from the SAARC countries, the registration fee is $50 per person.

Bank Account Information

Beneficiary Name: Hamfest India 2013
Bank Name: State Bank of India, Zonal Office Campus City Center, Gwalior,  MP (474011)

Bank Account No.: 32834998467

Account Type: Savings account

IFSC Code: SBIN0004352

Click here to Register Online for Hamfest India 2013

For more information please visit Hamfest India 2013

Route Map

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Godaddy Discount Coupon 35 percent

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Processes in Linux: Fun with Terminal

Warning: the content may increase your appetite for interest in Linux.
It’s a myth that “processes” are a complex concept. A process is an executing set of machine level instruction or code.
Whenever you are running an application, a process that belongs to this application is running. There are some processes which runs only in the background. They are called daemons in Linux. The process status, “ps” command shows the currently running processes.
Enough with the theory, now let’s get our hands dirty. Open a terminal session on your favorite Linux distribution.

The “ps” command has mainly two options

  • -e lists all running processes
  • -f shows full process status

At the terminal type “ps -ef


  • UID – id of user who invoked terminal
  • PID – ID of that process
  • PPID – parent process ID of the running process
  • C – no. of child processes
  • STIME – start time
  • TTY – terminal executing the process, shows “?” when it is a daemon
  • CMD – name of the process

When the system boots only one process exists – the init process, which is invoked by kernel. Kernel is the core of an operating system on which all other drivers and applications exist and run. The first process on the list is thus always be init.

At the terminal type “ps -e


How to initiate a background process?

Linux is a true multi-user, multitasking OS. You can run more than one process simultaneously. Type the program name followed by an ampersand(&) separated by a space

vlc &


The “&” allows to run vlc media player in the background of our parent shell.

  • [1] shows number of child process.
  • 3120 is the process ID(PID) of vlc.

 As a side note, try “ps” command on your Android phone or tablet. Fire up a terminal emulator and see what happens



Quickly setup your website starting from purchase to nameservers update in just few seconds

create website

The very first thing we do after booking a domain name is setting up hosting account and then updating the nameservers. Many time we have faced a problem where we see that after booking a domain name and setting up the nameservers it takes quite sometime to update the nameserver to reflect the nameservers change you did. There are few common mistakes that we wll do in excitement unknowingly.

When we book a domain name we open the website to check whether the name is booked or not. If it is booked then the website’s ip address is cached in your ISP’s nameservers, though the initial DNS ttl is kept usually kept low by the registrars, still as it is cached on your ISP’s nameservers, even if you update the domain nameservers or alter the DNS record, it will not be refleted to you until the DNS ttl is expired. Hence untill then you will keep seeing the old page and it takes time for it to update on your ISP’s nameservers.

So in short follow these steps to quickly setup your website:

  • Book the domain name [dont open it to test, check email from registrar for confirmayion]
  • Set up hosting account
  • Update the nameservers
  • Wait until a min or two [depending upon registrar] and then open the website
  • If you think you opened the site early then dont worry, change your nameservrs and try in few moments again

You may use Open DNS nameservrs or google nameservers

  • Open DNS: and
  • Google DNS and

You can use this website to check the propogation of nameservers update across the globe. Hope find this article useful. Feel free to leave your feedback in comments.