Hacked The mouse

Well this is the first post under the Freelancer categorie.

People ask what is freelancing articles, or why should one need that ?

well a simple word to answer the questions are blogs, most blogs are

freelancers, the authors write in their own manner, and share their

personal views and life.

But how is freelancing articles related to a site like this ?

Well yes, I’ve been feeling a bit need for articles which corresponde

how “geeks see this world “, so here you’ll atleast find some sound articles.

Now, the article title says “Hacked the mouse”

well, sorry to those who think of that Hacking terminology ,

this is not that thing, so if you were interested in that, oops wrong door.

ha ha,

I won’t declare my definition of Hacking, its quiet different from what others think, and even a small tweak to me seems like HAcking, cause its unauthorizes , lol :D,

So, here goes the story,

Well from past fortnight I was having a serious issue with the computer’s mouse, the right click button was malfunctioning, now I don’t like working with mouse on the Linux Machine, cause I’m there for shell, but woopie, here I go with Windows, and see, I can’t live without a right click, the right click button on the Keyboards woks fine on the explorer, but what in case of Browsers ?

This was serious, cause I use windows primarily for surfing only, well I went to a hardware shop to get my mouse work, he suggested me to buy another one for price as small as 150 bucks, ( less than 4$), but to tell the truth, my Computer mouse was a logitech made, and I wasn’t in any mood to part with it, It is standard and genuine, Chinese models can never take its place. Now I asked some other guys, they told me about the accessibility option, now obviously I know about that, but who in the world uses that ? Its a damn slow thing to use keyboard instead of a mouse.

The biggest problem was the I can’t use tabbing 🙁 , cause without right click,you can’t go for options like “open in new tab ” , and that was the biggest pain.

Who in this world, opens every page in the same windows? guess, its not me :D.

So, finally what I did was that I removed the upper cover of the mouse, and then started using the right click, the problem was obviously in the upper cover, cause the damn small push buttons on the chip were working.

It was a panic to use the mouse like that, but when it works, you know, how good you feel :).

Two days back (August 3 2008), I was cleaning the mess of compact disks on my table, and randomly I found the multimedia drivers of Keyboard and mouse.

I was using the Media Center Edition of Windows XP (Its genuine), so I installed the drivers for mouse, and after that, woopie !. I can always open a hyperlink in new tab, by just pushing the hyperlink with the third button ( people also call it Z button or roller button ).

Well It wasn;t any work from my side, but still it was a nice tweak, and currently, when I’m writing this article, I am using that tweak to check my messages ” in a new tab ” 😀 lol.

Hoping that some people can write their own such weird experiences in daily life,

Well My next article will be a taunts on the n00b driven world, so stay up to date, and remember to tune up every tuesday, for a brand new Freelancing article from me

Regards to all,

Ankit Tiwari aka dotCracker



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