IPHONE Battery Drainage issue | solution

Sometime when IPHONE battery is fully drained it stuck on an empty battery screen and wont charge up ,no matter  how many hours u charge it , it is not going to switched on


 And then u have only one option to take this to apple store , but before going read this article it might save your money and time. first of all let see what is a difference between an iphone in charging state and in not charging state. If you see above symbol   that means your  iphone is not charging , after 3 beeps iphone is going to switched off

If you see this symbol on your iphone screen that means your iphone is charging

 So here are some simple trick what should you do to solve this problem

Trick 1

 Check your cable , if possible then use it in another iphone and see if it is working or not , if you are charging from laptop/desktop then try to charge with main point  , if it is still not charging check trick 2

 Trick 2

try to blow your iphone cable ends and iphone connecting port sometime dust stuck on it and iphone is not charging

If not try trick3

Trick 3

while charging do a hard restart , press power + home button for 10 seconds ,if u see apple logo means that trick work if not working then try trick 4

trick 4

plug your iphone to main power source then do a hard restart until if u see an icon of charging leave your iphone for 2 hours ,after two hours do a hard restart again and leave it for charging let say 2-3 hours most probably your problem will be solved if not see apple store for replacement of cable or battery


 Here what happens, there is a backup battery of iphone when it is drained the ios reject to take any charging , it’s a bug in iphone , so when we hard restarting our iphone means we are restarting ios and we leave our iphone for few hours so it can atleast charge upto the backup level , when it is charged to the backup battery level we restart it again , at that time ios might not start but it start to accept charging ………….

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