Blog Tips for a Better Blog: Struggling to Grow Your Blog?

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If you’re one of those avid bloggers who badly want their blogs to be hit, but despite all your hard work and dedication, if you’re still wondering what exactly is missing in your blog, then you must read this article that highlights at some crucial points necessary to grow exponentially. Blogging is a science as well as an art. To know what your readers want is the most crucial thing for your blog to succeed. If you follow blogging as a passion and are determined to make a mark, then you’re bound to succeed today or tomorrow. However, there are certain things you must always take care of to increase the traffic to your blog.

Write what you are crazy about:

You all must have heard that you need killer content that is original and insightful for your blog to distinguish itself from the crowd. While this is true, you cannot write something original and insightful about you are not interested in. So, select a niche which excites you, regarding whom you keep yourself updated and read extensively. It can be anything from movies, religion, sports, gossip, anything. Once your readers understand your authority over the content as well as grasp over the subject, they are bound to become your regular readers with time asking others with similar interests to join too.

Join communities related to your blog:

You cannot underestimate the importance of social networking in success of your blog. You can become successful in web space if you follow others, and others follow you. Joining such communities will help you understand the latest trends related to your blog topic, as well as the need of your readers. It will help you gain more insight into your subject, and you can become a master of your trade.

Know your audience:

You must understand what your readers want from you. You can ask the readers of your blog what content they expect from you. You can get important feedback from your readers regarding your blogs by using polls, suggestions and other tools on your blog. You must comment regularly on your blog and participate in active discussions.

Be SEO friendly:

You can complete an article on blogging without covering SEO. There are some basic things related to SEO right from the beginning of your blog. You must choose your own hosting platform as well as your own domain. You must ensure most important keyword related to your niche in the blog domain name. Have necessary keywords in your URL, blog title and in the content as well. Provide internal links to your pages. This helps in increasing the page rank of less popular pages.

Use blog tools:

There are some inevitable blog tools that will help you analyze your blog. Google Analytics is one of such free indispensable tools. It will tell you your most important keywords, sites linking to your blog pages and other such vital information. AddButton is another tool, which helps your readers share your blog with other people through social networking.

You have to be patient in blogging. Sometimes you might try a lot of things, and nothing may work. Other times, one simple change may reveal drastic results. It’s all about what works on your blog and what does not. At the end, it’s your determination and drive that matter the most.



About the author: Amanda Kidd is very passionate when it comes to blogging and writing. She is a gadget freak and loves to write on technology. Her articles include various aspects associated to hacking and currently she is working on a blog related to most expensive flip flops.


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