WordPress 3.0 and thesis theme issues.

Hey guys.. Wassup.. I just came back from office and was reading various posts on my google reader and i came across a very good patch for the problem that most of the people are facing who are using wordpress thesis theme. Harsh wrote on his blog shoutmeloud.com about it. He gave a temporary fix.


The actual problem was that those  who upgraded their blog to 3.0 using Thesis WordPress theme are getting error while opening custom file editor from dashboard. This is not a major problem but still its annoying one.


Fatal error: Call to undefined function use_codepress() in /home/xxxx/public_html/thesiscustomizationservice.com/wp-content/themes/thesis_17/lib/admin/admin.php on line 42

This was the error people were getting.

harsh gave a temp fix.

Fixing Thesis Custom Editor Error:

Login to your file server using FTP and under Thesis Theme folder, open file thesis_17/lib/admin/admin.php.

Just comment out the line no 42 by adding //. Here is what I did :

//if (use_codepress()) add_action(‘admin_print_footer_scripts’, ‘codepress_footer_js’);

This will fix your custom file issue in Thesis WordPress theme. If you have not purchased Thesis wordpress Theme, I would suggest get it now, because it’s almost confirmed that once Thesis 2.0 will be released, Thesis prices are going to increase.

Thos who are using Thesis theme are a kind of addicted to it considering its advantages and features. So instead of changing the theme they can try this temp fix until the new version of thesis is released.

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