How to handle web traffic and spikes if your website has some static content

Today the main problem we all face in the world of the internet is that sometimes the response time of a website is high and sometime it do not respond at all may be due to the fact that it is getting chocked with the number of requests and not able to handle new requests.  As we know, Internet is network of networks and they communicate to each other based upon the business deal they have, not upon the performance. So the end user’s request might take longer path to reach out origin server or the server’s response might take longer path to reach end user. The other problem is that its really difficult to predict the incoming traffic always. There might be a sudden increase in traffic because of some campaigns or change in search engine result’s traffic and its practically not possible to scale up the server’s infrastructure for this short span of time and server may get crashed because of this sudden spike of traffic. So this article will explain you how to handle web traffic and how to handle spike of web traffic using  free cdn. After reading this article you will also know how to reduce load on server.

traffic spike

One of the best solution for such problems is that to use CDN [content deliver network]. Lets discuss what a CDN is.

What is CDN?

As per the wikipedia article the definition is

A content delivery network or content distribution network (CDN) is a system of computers containing copies of data placed at various nodes of a network.When properly designed and implemented, a CDN can improve access to the data it caches by increasing access bandwidth and redundancy and reducing access latency. Data content types often cached in CDNs include web objects (text, graphics, URLs and scripts), downloadable objects (media files, software, documents), applications, live streaming media, and database queries.

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So it means if you have some static content on your websites, like images, text files or some media files then you can “cache” them on CDN’s servers which are located near to the end user and deliver to them in faster and efficient manner. This way you can also minimize the hits to your server. All of the major sites today use some kind of CDN services. eg facebook uses the world’s largest CDN Akamai.

Which CDN to go for?

Well, if you are making good amount of money and you want the best performance then you can always go for big players like Akamai which will improve your website’s performance drastically [for dynamic contents as well]. But if your budget is small or you want the free service then you can use Cloudflare. They offer free plan to cache your static content and drastically reduce the load on your webserver. As i know Cloudflare is the only free CDN in the market. They will help you to reduce load on server and also they will help you to increase the website performance.

How they work?

Once you sign up for their service all you need to do is to change your nameservers to the one provided by them so that when the request comes, it gets mapped to their network first and if the requested object is found in their cache then it will be delivered from their itself. The request will only hit your server when requested object is not available in their server’s cache. In this way you can reduce the traffic hits to your server. And if the server’s load is reduced and there is a sudden increase in traffic, what we call spike, then also all hits will not come to your server directly. Instead they will go to their server. And hence there are greater chances of handling such traffic with existing infrastructure.

I hope this atricle will help the people, specially the one who wants to reduce the load on their server at low price or for free using free CDN. If you have any doubts then feel free to comment. Thank you.

Top Ten Tips for Building a High Traffic Blog

High traffic blogs are the top priority of every web content developer, as this not only brings instant recognition with more visitors hitting your web site, you also get an added advantage of increased monetary returns. There is a sense of satisfaction as what you have exclusively created, has become popular. Getting high traffic for blogs however is not just coincidental or luck. You need to work that extra bit to direct traffic towards your blog. This can be mastered over a period of time. Here are the top 10 tips for building high traffic blogs:

increase blog traffic

1. Create noteworthy content: The content that is created on your blog should be worthy enough to be appreciated and read by millions of people. When they visit your blog, they should be compelled to recommend it to others and come back to your site in search of similar valuable content that you can provide them.

2. Post original content: Originality has its own place at the top of the pedestal even to this date. A genuine and class reader always appreciates original content and is drawn towards original work. Try to keep an original flavor to your blog to increase the number of readers.

3. Create evergreen content: Choose topics that do not fade away with the course of time. Some of the content on the Internet slowly begins to lose value as it becomes outdated. However, certain topics are always queried and every generation needs to be enlightened on such topics.

4. Create content with a human touch: It is better to always add a human touch to all your blogs as this brings a genuine interest to your blogs. One must agree that we need to also keep the search engine optimization in mind to improve our blog rankings.

5. Keep a purpose for your high-traffic site: Be aware as to why you wish to have a high-traffic site. This allows you to prioritize your purpose of writing, and bring out the best in your writing. Generally, write to create awareness and relate your thoughts to others exactly the way you want to.

6. Show your true self to your readers: When you show your real self to the audience, an original flavor is automatically infused into your writing and makes it unique and interesting. People understand more clearly what you are trying to depict. So write uninhibitedly and pour your thoughts as they flow crystal clear into your blog.

7. Put yourself into the situation and then write: Write whatever holds good for you, and be honest even if you are flowing against the tide. You realize what is true for you; will be true for others too.

8. Show respect and courtesy to your visitors: Whenever you are writing, envisage the visitor and consider him or her as your friend. This brings out the best human touch to your blogs.

9. Pay attention to how you earn rather than how much you earn: Your creativity and writing must speak for itself. It is extremely vital to watch how you earn money, and keep yourself grounded. If you keep running for more numbers, it may backfire.

10. Be sincere in your blogs: Keep growing as a human being and post some valuable content in your blogs sincerely. This will ensure that your ranking and traffic speeds up as days go by.

It is a definite challenge to building a high traffic blog. One must keep in mind all the details and priorities and then work systematically and diligently towards your goal. Remember there are no short cuts and the best way to achieving high traffic to your blogs is to work your way towards it.



About the author: Amanda Kidd is a blogger who is fond of writing on tech help and most expensive gadgets. She is all into computers and in recent times she learnt a lot about tablet computers. Beside this she love cars and she is a very big fan of Ferrari 458.


Blog Tips for a Better Blog: Struggling to Grow Your Blog?

Blog Writing

If you’re one of those avid bloggers who badly want their blogs to be hit, but despite all your hard work and dedication, if you’re still wondering what exactly is missing in your blog, then you must read this article that highlights at some crucial points necessary to grow exponentially. Blogging is a science as well as an art. To know what your readers want is the most crucial thing for your blog to succeed. If you follow blogging as a passion and are determined to make a mark, then you’re bound to succeed today or tomorrow. However, there are certain things you must always take care of to increase the traffic to your blog.

Write what you are crazy about:

You all must have heard that you need killer content that is original and insightful for your blog to distinguish itself from the crowd. While this is true, you cannot write something original and insightful about you are not interested in. So, select a niche which excites you, regarding whom you keep yourself updated and read extensively. It can be anything from movies, religion, sports, gossip, anything. Once your readers understand your authority over the content as well as grasp over the subject, they are bound to become your regular readers with time asking others with similar interests to join too.

Join communities related to your blog:

You cannot underestimate the importance of social networking in success of your blog. You can become successful in web space if you follow others, and others follow you. Joining such communities will help you understand the latest trends related to your blog topic, as well as the need of your readers. It will help you gain more insight into your subject, and you can become a master of your trade.

Know your audience:

You must understand what your readers want from you. You can ask the readers of your blog what content they expect from you. You can get important feedback from your readers regarding your blogs by using polls, suggestions and other tools on your blog. You must comment regularly on your blog and participate in active discussions.

Be SEO friendly:

You can complete an article on blogging without covering SEO. There are some basic things related to SEO right from the beginning of your blog. You must choose your own hosting platform as well as your own domain. You must ensure most important keyword related to your niche in the blog domain name. Have necessary keywords in your URL, blog title and in the content as well. Provide internal links to your pages. This helps in increasing the page rank of less popular pages.

Use blog tools:

There are some inevitable blog tools that will help you analyze your blog. Google Analytics is one of such free indispensable tools. It will tell you your most important keywords, sites linking to your blog pages and other such vital information. AddButton is another tool, which helps your readers share your blog with other people through social networking.

You have to be patient in blogging. Sometimes you might try a lot of things, and nothing may work. Other times, one simple change may reveal drastic results. It’s all about what works on your blog and what does not. At the end, it’s your determination and drive that matter the most.



About the author: Amanda Kidd is very passionate when it comes to blogging and writing. She is a gadget freak and loves to write on technology. Her articles include various aspects associated to hacking and currently she is working on a blog related to most expensive flip flops.


WordPress 3.0 missing text editor/text formatting bar problem

This is a very starge problem that i faced when i upgraded this blog to the latest 3.0 version. It had happened in past as well so i was not amazed to see that and the solution was somewhat already known to me so i didnt took much of time and effort that it took last time when i upgraded to version 2.7.


When i upgraded to wordpress 3.0 this time the text formatting bar was missing. It looked like:

This looked really pathetic as i didnt had any option to format my text posted here. So as i did last time, i tried intalling various plugins and finally FCKEditor plugin worked for me. After installing it it looked like:

Simple yet working solution 🙂 . i hope the other people facing similar problem may try this method and see if it works for them Please reply if you face any problem. Thanks for reading my post.

WordPress 3.0 and thesis theme issues.

Hey guys.. Wassup.. I just came back from office and was reading various posts on my google reader and i came across a very good patch for the problem that most of the people are facing who are using wordpress thesis theme. Harsh wrote on his blog about it. He gave a temporary fix.


The actual problem was that those  who upgraded their blog to 3.0 using Thesis WordPress theme are getting error while opening custom file editor from dashboard. This is not a major problem but still its annoying one.


Fatal error: Call to undefined function use_codepress() in /home/xxxx/public_html/ on line 42

This was the error people were getting.

harsh gave a temp fix.

Fixing Thesis Custom Editor Error:

Login to your file server using FTP and under Thesis Theme folder, open file thesis_17/lib/admin/admin.php.

Just comment out the line no 42 by adding //. Here is what I did :

//if (use_codepress()) add_action(‘admin_print_footer_scripts’, ‘codepress_footer_js’);

This will fix your custom file issue in Thesis WordPress theme. If you have not purchased Thesis wordpress Theme, I would suggest get it now, because it’s almost confirmed that once Thesis 2.0 will be released, Thesis prices are going to increase.

Thos who are using Thesis theme are a kind of addicted to it considering its advantages and features. So instead of changing the theme they can try this temp fix until the new version of thesis is released.