Staying Safe online. How to protect yourself from being hacked on internet

This post is originally written by my friend D3 from Pakistan who himself is a security expert and a very good penetration tester.

How not to get hacked

This thread is not to solve your hacked accounts/pcs. use paypal thread/help desk for it thanks

Given rising number of hacking cases i request members to share tips on how to stay safe. even basic noobs tips.

Sharing my advises first

1. Trust common sense and not your anti-virus. As a former keylogger and virus writer let me tell you that the basic requirement is to make it undetected by all anti-viruses; specially famous one.

Its not a difficult task for any virus writer to add his virus to exception list of AV and firewalls.

2. Use a dedicated fire-wall not default windows one. and dont relay on those bundled with aniti-viruses.

I suggest you to use Zone-alarm. And use custom settings. not “recommend” ones. Configure it such that it asks for every program and not decide for its own.

-> before granting access look up that file on net. does it actually needs access? e.g some notepad.exe has no bussiness accessing internet.
-> Make sure file is in right place. i.e if svchost is asking access.. its in windows\system32\ not any other folder like simple windows\

3. Look for suspicious programs on task manger. Always test them on virustotal. That why its distributed among other non-detecting AV too. and remember nod and KIS are not the only ones. sometimes even un-known AV give accurate results.

4. Dont always rely on task manager. Cross check with with “process explorer” (get from micorsoft’s site). its not difficult to hide process from task manger. You may also try the command line taskmanager

5. Look at startup programms. Thats means both which show at msconfig and those which dont. Look for unwanted entries there. Also look at services tab and disable any suspecious/not-needed one. when in doubt google its name:). Try closing explorer from task manger and then run it agian. Is it the only program loading? or something else also loads with it.

6. If you are looking for some crack then try warez-bb and download only from people who have v.i.p status or are well known posts. having 2-4k posts doesn’t means well known. always read replies and remember to scan on virustotal no matter what. and even after that run it on virtual machine.

7. If you use firefox always use master-password. and get no-script addon.

8. Use differnent passwords for differnet sites
9. Dont install scripts you dont trust. This goes for similies and quote scripts too. Same goes for add-ons and toolbars. They can easily have malware in them.

10. Keep checking your forgot password and secuirty questions. and always look at mail forwarding options.

11. You are only as strong as your weekest link. If your friend has your password and he gets hacked. You’ll go down too.

12. If you are going to play with fire be ready to get burned too. Meaning if you are trying keyloggers and bombers etc. chances of yourslef getting hacked go up a lot.

13. Protect your identity. Add only people you know. Keep seprate emails for work/bussiness and for rest of your stuff (orkut, chatting etc.)

For advace yours only:
14. Use wireshack to moniter your traffic.

Read all the newspapers from all across the globe at one place

Hello readers. Yesterday i was surfing net and came across a very good site so i though i should share it with all you people.

This site is in now way related to me or my friends and i am not spamming in any way at all. The site is good because it is 🙂 no particular reason.

The site is

currently it is offering a total of 6351 newspapers links so no need to search anywhere else. just surf thrrough this site and get what exactly you are looking for. If you know any other sites which is similar in nature then feel free to comment. Thanks for reading my post.

Play snake game on Youtube ,a cool feature for people suffering from low internet speed

Youtube recently launched a veru good feature specially or those people who have slow internet connection. It alowe people to play the classic game snake

play Snake Game inside YouTube video

Steps on how to play the game:


  • Open any video on the YouTube website
  • As it starts playing press the Pause button
  • Press and hold the Left Arrow key on your keyboard

The game looks more visible when the background is black.

Please note that it may possible that game may not appear on each video. as the game only works on the new YouTube player (one with the horizontal volume bar) and only on YouTube's website.

The basic computer languages which are must for today’s world

Well, there can be a lot of variations in thinking of me and others. So far whatever i have learned in this tech world gave me a clear idea what you should know if you want to be a blogger or a programmer or just a person who have a decent understanding of computers.

The minimum reuirement is ANY computer language. I would suggest C as it is one of the easiest language to learn. You may also learn c++/java if you wish. If you want to learn gui based applications then VB will definitely help you.

Next comes the WEB.For web technology HTML is must and one of the easiest languages to learn. Also try to learn Javascript along with it. Please note that Java and Javascript are not the same. Javascript is a client side scripting language.

The next thing you should know is any server side scripting language. I would suggest PHP as it is just like C codes inserted between HTML tags. So if you know HTML and C then its just a cakewalk for you.

One more thing which you will require very frequently is some query language to understand the flow of data from the database. The easiest of all is MySql.

You may also learn some more languages as per your understanding and requirements but the ones i have mentioned here will definitely help you. If you want to add something then feel free to comment here. Thanks for reading techian. Stay tuned. Much more to come.

Gmail new feature of adding image in signature. Try now

Yes this is absolutely new and rocking feature by google. As we all know google is all about ideas so here it goes a new idea again. this time in your gmail signature. These small but useful thing makes gmail smarter than the other mail service provider.

How to do add image in signature?

Its very simple and easy task for which you do not need toe be ankit fadia. All you need to do is goto the settings tab and use the built-in rich text editor to create your own personal signature.

Limitation to this feature:

The only limitation to this feature which i can see is that there is no option to upload image in the editor. Ofcourse you may use picassa but i think there should an option to upload images from editor directly . hope google adds it soon

Solar energy coming to POWER up your needs

Gone are those days when solar cells were having efficiency of mere 8-10%. This year The U.S Renewable Energy Laboratory created the world’s most efficient solar cells. Its based on gallium-indium and it yields the efficiency of a maximum of 40.8%. This is the maximum efficiency achieved so far in the history of solar cells.

One may think that still this efficiency is quite low, only 40.8% is nothing. But if you go in depth you may understand the gravity of this much efficiency. Every system has its efficiency but it can never equals 100%. There is one law which states no system can be formed which yields 100%. Our body concerts only 5% of energy taken , i.e. only 5% efficiency. A patrol engine gives around 40% efficiency. So you may understand that this 40.8% is good, in fact very very good for the people who wants to harvest solar energy with the help of solar cell.

Imagine the world using solar cells, it will slow down the heating all around. the pollution. This much efficiency can help in running your car very easily and with greater power and less noise and pollution. Your watches,calculator are already using solar cells to some extent, now your computer may also use this energy. no need of looking for power chords, just put your laptop in sunlight for few minutes and it will be charged.

Thousands of scientists are working day and night to find renewable source of energy as the fuel which we are using now is going to finish soon. We have to look for alternative source which are eco friendly and also renewable. Solar energy has always been the center of research for many scientists as it is available freely everywhere. the sensible people are already worried about the future energy needs. This news about solar cell is definitely a boost for their hope. And the best thing is that its not the end in the field of solar cell. The research is still going on and hope we will get better results in near future.

Once the efficieny is achieved, the second focus goes to it’s price.Now the price is really high for a normal person who is already using other energy sources. He might not pay 10000$ for solar cell if he can buy a car using petrol in 10000$.

Hope we will soon get a solar cell capable of running our bikes too. A bike having solar cells on its number plates.Its my imagination now but if you are laughing at it then think once again. nobody thought 50 years back that solar power can run cars.

China blocks Google, accuses google of spreading porn

In the recent actions take by chinese govt, they have blocked entire google services in china.China’s government accused Google Inc. on Thursday of spreading pornography after Chinese Internet users were temporarily unable to gain
access to the U.S. search giant’s main Web site or China-based service.

“We have found that the English version of has spread lots of pornographic, lewd and vulgar content, which is in serious violation of Chinese laws and regulations,” said foreign ministry spokesman Qin Gang. He said authorities “summoned representatives of in China and urged them to remove the content immediately.”

Qin, speaking at a regular briefing, did not respond to questions about whether China’s government was blocking Web users from seeing Google’s site. However, he said he hoped the problem can be “resolved immediately.” Google said Thursday it was investigating the reason for the outage, which began late Wednesday.

Chinese users were blocked from seeing Google’s US site, its China-based site and its Gmail e-mail service. A Chinese watchdog agency accused Google last week of providing links to vulgar and obscene sites.

Google, based in Mountainview, Calif., said it would do more to stop users in China from accessing pornography. “I would like to stress that, as an Internet enterprise providing services in China, should earnestly abide by all Chinese laws,” Qin said.

“All the punitive measures adopted by the relevant authorities are conducted strictly according to law.” The Chinese agency that oversees the Internet, the ministry of industry and information technology, did not immediately respond to requests for comment. China has the world’s largest population of Internet users at more than 298 million.

The communist government has the world’s most extensive web monitoring and filtering system, and it regularly blocks access to foreign websites. Authorities launched a crackdown this year that led to the closing of more than 1,900 porn-related websites. Google has struggled to expand in China, where it says it has about 30% of the search market. The company launched with a Chinese partner after seeing its market share erode as government filters slowed access to its US service.

Its really a big setback to google. But we have a solution for the people who wants to access the blocked sites. Visit this post of mine to know how.

BSNL EVDO Roaming from july-august – Leaked information

BSNL EV-DO works on 3g CDMA technology and its monthly charges are 550rs now. And what you get for this Rs is worth but the biggest problem with it was that BSNL was not allowing roaming services in it. All other wireless internet services were providing roaming for such services.

Now BSNL has also planned to start roaming for EVDO connections. Yes its confirm news. Even the circulars have beed sent to all the offices and this info i got in one of the BSNL offices in bangalore. According to the circular they are planning to start roaming from Next month and for that the necessary steps are being taken. Also they are going to chage 600Rs per month from next month onwards.

So now no more problem for people who want to travel from one place to another. Now enjoy 3g cdma technology to fullest without any limitations.

This is leaked information. No official announcement has been made. I am just writing here what i got. I am not at all responsible for any effect it creates.