Hamfest India 2013 on September 21, 22 at Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

hamlogoAt the heart of any innovation is knowledge and for knowledge to spread, it must be shared. Any Hamfest, of course provides excellent opportunity for gaining both practical and theoretical knowledge about advancements in the field of amateur radio communication. Hamfest 2012 at Chennai was a huge success.

From its humble beginnings at Kuttikkanam, Kerala, Hamfest has evolved into a technical but casual gathering of all hams in India. For the first time Hamfest comes to Northern part of India.

Hamfest India 2013 is scheduled to take place at Atal Bihari Vajpayee IIITM, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh on September 21, 22, 2013.

Registration Fee (For one person):

  • Early birds (Valid till 1 August 2013): Rs. 500
  • From 1 August to 15 September: Rs. 800
  • On-spot registrations: Rs. 1000

Registration Fee (For couple):

  • Early birds (Valid till 1 August 2013): Rs. 800
  • From 1 August to 15 September: Rs. 1200
  • On-spot registrations: Rs. 1000 each

Note: The registration fee for the candidates from SAARC countries is same as above. For those not from the SAARC countries, the registration fee is $50 per person.

Bank Account Information

Beneficiary Name: Hamfest India 2013
Bank Name: State Bank of India, Zonal Office Campus City Center, Gwalior,  MP (474011)

Bank Account No.: 32834998467

Account Type: Savings account

IFSC Code: SBIN0004352

Click here to Register Online for Hamfest India 2013

For more information please visit Hamfest India 2013

Route Map

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Recover your Gmail and Orkut accounts from Bom Sabado attack

orkut Exploiting cross-site scripting flaw on Orkut, “Bom Sabado” worm is spreading like a plague on Orkut. Bom Sabado means ““Good Saturday” in Portuguese. It sends “Bom Sabado ” scraps to your friends and automatically joins your profile on some adult communities. It’s a cookie stealing script in action.

Am I infected?

If you have seen “ Bom Sabado! “ scrap on orkut, on your scrapbook or your friends scrapbook, or seen this scrap on Gmail’s web interface, you are infected.

Don’t panic !

What should you do?

  • Clear your cookies and cache.
  • Change your Google account password immediately by visiting the following link and don’t login to Orkut till Google engineers fix this issue.





  • Change the security question too


  • Keep your Mobile phone no. updated for getting password reset code.
  • Don’t try to open Orkut or messages from Orkut by e-mail. (SMTP & POP users may view the message in plain text)
  • Stop visiting the scrapbooks of others till they fix this issue.
      How can you help to avoid its spreading?


    • Login to mobile version of Orkut http://m.orkut.com from Opera Mobile and delete all “ Bom Sabado! “ scraps


    Pass this information to your friends. Stay tuned for further updates.


    UPDATE from Google:


    Hi all,

    This is to inform you all that we've contained the "Bom Sabado" virus and have identified the bug that allowed this and have fixed it.

    We're currently working on restoring the affected profiles.

    Thanks a ton to each of you who's made an effort to alert everyone else about this.

    World’s largest bit torrent tracker Thepiratebay sold for 7.8 million $

    yes its true and its official now. World’s largest bit torrent tracker site thepiratebay.org is sold now to Swedish software company Global Gaming Factory X AB.Swedish software company Global Gaming Factory X AB has announced it has acquired The Pirate Bay website on 30 june.

    It seemto an end of this big giant as the new taker want to delete all the pirated stuffs from the site which contains 90% of stuffs as pirated only

    Mobile found after Micheal Jackson death

    Michaels jackson, the moonwalker,the gadget lover, died yesterday due to cardiac arrest. Michael jackson was not only famous in us but also in whole world. This has led thw whol world in deep shock as he was just 50 years old and believe to live in his big, hi-tech,gadget filled house. All world is crying for the death of michael jackson

    Jackson rented the Bel-Air home – described as a French chateau built in 2002 with seven bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, 12 fireplaces and a theater — for $100,000 a month. His house was filled with all the new electronic gadgets and recently he also purchased newly released Samsung M8910 Pixon12, with 12 megapixel camera  and price 639 euro for himself but didnt even opened it from its packing. It was found still packed from his cupboard. As we all know he was very fond of latest gadgets and he also have used new technologies in his concerts for special effects.

    Michael Jackson was not in good health condition because of which he has not performed in past few years. In may, Michael Jackson rented the Bel-Air house and was rehearsing for a series of 50 sold-out shows in London’s O2 Arena

    People will never forget this master dancer, who was adored by whole worl for his dance steps, specially the moonwalk. Michaels jackson invented this step in which he one seem to be walking front but actually walking backwards. His all time hits were Dangerous, Smooth Criminal and many more that no one is ever goin to forget.

    Michael jackson dies but he is always alive in our heart beats, his dnce steps,his body moves, his songs, his shows are going to be missed but he will be always remembered for his short but royal life. may his soul rest in peace.

    Strange but True :- Tarzan Man

    Johan Lorbeer is a German street performer. He became famous in the
    past few years because of his “Still-Life” Performances,
    which took place in the public area. His installations includes
    “Proletarian Mural” and “Tarzan”, which are famous in
    Germany. Several of these performances feature Lorbeer in
    an apparently impossible position.

    With his still-life performances, this German artist seems to unhinge
    the laws of gravity. For hours on time, he remains,
    as a living work of art, in physically impossible positions.
    Elevated or reduced to the state of a sculpture,
    he interacts with the bewildered and irritated audience,
    whose appetite for communication rises as time goes by,
    often culminating in the wish to touch the artist in his
    superhuman, angelic appearance in order to participate in his abilities.

    Boy posts classmate’s photo on Orkut, offering `services’

    COIMBATORE: In perhaps the first reported case of a juvenile indulging in cyber crime in Coimbatore, the city crime police have secured a 10th standard student of a private city school for posting the photo of his classmate on a website which offered her “services” to surfers.

    As a result, the girl was flooded with calls from all over, even as far as Delhi and Kolkata wanting to ‘spend time with her’. City Police Commissioner C K Gandhirajan who was apprised of the girl’s plight deputed the City Crime Police to trace the culprit. They checked the Orkut website, contacted Google officials in Bangalore and zeroed in on the girl’s classmate.

    Police sources said that the boy and girl were involved in frequent fights in school and he had posted her photo on the website to wreak vengeance on her. “Since he is a juvenile, we haven’t arrested him nor have we released his name or contact particulars,” said Gandhirajan.

    Deputy Commissioner, City Crime Police, K Krishnan, who is investigating the case told this website’s newspaper that the boy’s laptop has been secured and sent for further investigation. “Only after getting specific information, we can proceed further regarding the arrest of the boy,” Krishnan said.

    Google earn $2.53 billion in advertising sales from U.K. in 2007

    LONDON (Dow Jones)–Internet search giant Google Inc.

    Google generated sales of $2.53 billion
    , or GBP1.30 billion, in the U.K. in 2007,
    according to a regulatory filing.

    The figures underline the extent to which Google is closing the gap, in sales terms, with the U.K.’s largest advertiser-funded broadcaster, ITV PLC (ITV.LN), and its increasing market share in the U.K. advertising marketplace.
    Google’s U.K. sales grew 45% in 2007, according to the filing. This represents a significant slowdown in the sales growth rate from 80% sales growth in 2006. Google generated roughly 15% of total sales in the U.K. in 2007, down slightly from 16% in 2006.

    In the filing, Google blamed weakness in key market sectors such as finance and travel for the slower U.K. growth.

    ITV generated sales of GBP1 billion in the first half of 2007. More than half of ITV’s advertising revenue comes from its flagship ITV1 channel, which saw revenue contract 9% in the first half of 2007, compared with the year-earlier period.
    UBS, commenting on the filing, forecast that internet advertising would account for around 20% of total U.K. advertising expenditure by the end of 2008.

    Current Report


    Google Map: Street View

    About every two months, Google Maps adds 6-7 new cities to Street View. In May 2007 the service was launched with images for 5 cities, two months later 4 new cities were added, in October Google added 6 cities, while in December a record of 8 cities were added to Street View.

    This month, Google added 12 new cities from the US: Juneau (Alaska), Boise (Idaho), Salt Lake City (Utah), San Antonio (Texas), Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill (North Carolina), Manchester (New Hampshire), Kansas City (Missouri), Milwaukee (Wisconsin), Albany, Schenectady (New York). It’s interesting to see that the 12 cities are distributed uniformly and the total number of cities is now 35.

    When do you think Google will add all the important cities from the US and the rest of the world? Shouldn’t Google outsource this job to other companies or at least accept photos from users and use technology like Photosynth to combine them?

    Bonus question: can you find the formula for an integer sequence that has the first 5 values: 5, 4, 6, 8, 12?

    { via the unofficial Google Earth Blog. Updated with more information from Google LatLong. }