Create Orkut Logo

I tried to make the logo as it appears on the login page.
I dont have the original font they used Century Gothic

  1. create a new document of size 800×400 (size depends on the size of your text)
  2. write orkut and apply font color #d70b79
  3. now add some blends as shown in the images below

    • drop shadow:
    • bevel and emboss:(you can apply some contour too)
    • gradient overlay:

      click on the drop down list as shown, then edit like this:

      click on the gradient detectors and then adjust the color below.
  4. now you are done

Orkut’s counter got messed up

Orkut’s counter got messed up in orkut server
at 5:15 pm on 18th February, 2008, the orkut server started showing pronlem on count of everyhting like scraps, community posts, community members, videos, poll counts etc.
here are some images of that:

OUG has 0 members.

all communities that i joined have 0 members

one topic in OUG got many posts but the counter did not updated

my scrapbook’s counter did not decrease when i deleted some of my scraps

the main fact is when ever a community was getting areply from one of its member, the member counter decreased immediately to 0
actually, a community getting a reply means it gets active and that means its member number will decrease to 0 in no time
same was for scrap and post counter, even if scraps or posts were written, the counters were not getting updated because of this mess.

New Virus hits on Orkut – Orkut Scrap All Virus

Orkut is getting targeted by a new Brazilian scrap virus, the virus infects users clicking on the above scrap message claiming to show some kind of video with the machine translated english version of the message below Updated(Thanks To Liens) :

this video remind me of you.
check how cool it is. but don’t get mad at me, ok?
tell me later what you thought about it

This virus that claimes to be a video is a .exe file which infects users computer and sends the same scrap to all your friends on Orkut, the virus installs “orkutkut.exe” and “imglog.exe” on the infected computer, the virus can easily be disabled by following the steps below:

  1. Kill both the process from the task manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC).
  2. Remove startup entries using msconfig.exe
  3. Delete the two above mentioned files from system32 folder.

Here is a screenshot of the virus:


To secure yourself from such threats never click on unknown links in your scrapbook.

New worm has hit Orkut! Be safe and follow this!

A new worm has hit Google’s Orkut and it seems to be hitting it pretty hard, it’s infected via the scrapbook feature and is adding hundreds of thousands of users, similar to the Myspace worm (Samy) that hit in October 2005.

It seems to be fairly unmalicious, more of a ‘look at me – see what I can do’ kind of thing. It’s certainly interested to see that social networking sites are beginning to be the focus of hackers, even if it’s not for money or stealing info..But more of a playground to test their skills.

A fast moving worm is squirming though Google’s Orkut social network, adding hundreds of thousands of users to an Orkut community created by a Brazilian hacker.

The worm, which first appeared on Dec. 19, has been spreading through Orkut’s Scrapbook system at a rapid pace, infecting more than 650,000 users in the space of a few hours.

According to an alert from anti-virus specialist Trend Micro, infection starts when an Orkut user is sent an e-mail telling them that they have a new Scrapbook entry.

I guess you can avoid it by not reading any scraps, or using something like NoScript – which would remove the danger of the JavaScript. But again it comes back to the same old thing, how many average users would even know what NoScript is?

Logging into Orkut, the victim is greeted with Portuguese-language text that reads: “2008 vem ai… que ele comece mto bem para vc.” This translates to “2008 is coming…I wish that it begins quite well for you”.

No interaction is necessary. Simply looking at the scrap starts the infection sequence,” says Trend Micro researcher Robert McArdle.

Once the scrap is viewed, it deletes itself and the victim is automatically added to the “Infectados pelo Vírus do Orkut” community.

Once a user becomes infected, the infected account downloads and executes an embedded Javascript that sends a copy of the original Scrapbook post to all the victim’s contacts.

But yes indeed, it shows the danger of allowing rich user content sanitizing it properly. Haven’t they learned their lessons from what happened at MySpace?

Source: eWeek

Orkut – New Year Update Freak !!!

Well It seems suddenly a rush adrenaline has hit orkut . May This is the reason for the sudden, so many regular updates in such less time ..

But Lets See which are the amazing updates which they brought in within the past few days :

Related Community Bug has Been Fixed
Finally this problem which was bugging every Community Owner in [purple]orkut[/purple]..Has been Fixed .Now you can add ur favourite communities in communities’ Related List.

Google Privacy Tips, orkut style[/u][/green]
[green]Video [/green]:

Another Great Update for Albums on Orkut ..
Well after Increasing the number photos in albums to 100 and then improving Album Options allowing us organize pics into multiple albums to make it easier for Us.
Now , You Can Upload More Than one Pic At a time. Previously You Could Add 1 photo at a time. Now you can upload upto 99 Pics at Once. Thus Saving you Time And Efforts.
[purple]Another Gr8 Implement By Orkut !!

Hide your community’s content to non-members :[/green][/u]
[purple]For Community Owners:
It really seems orkut is very serious about privacy for their users. After implementing privacy in scrapbooks, albums, videos its now turn for our communities. Well its very obvious that people copy one stuff from a community and paste it in theirs. But atlest now its a bit more secure . Thanks to orkut, a community’s content can be restricted to its members only.

[u]Its simple Just go to Edit >>>[/u]
name :
category :
type :
messaging :
[navy]content privacy : >>[/navy]
[teal]open – anyone can view the contents of the community
hidden – only members can view the contents of the community

Choose The one you Like…..

Hats Off orkut !!!

Another Cool Minor Update ![/green][/u]
Well this time its simple .. Homepage
Just Like Your fortune is shown “[purple][u]Today’s Fortune[/u][/purple]
Now along with that ” [purple][u]Last Login[/u][/purple] ” will Be shown which will show you the time you last logged In.This is actually quite useful if you think your profile has been hacked or someone knows your password …

Oh My God – [teal]Attack on Hyperlinks !
[purple]Well this is really a blockbuster. Orkut has disabled hyperlinking in Profile and Community Descriptions.
? For Profiles Links Are still Accessible .. through a check.
? For Communities Hyperlinking is Disabled.
[navy]Well It Seems Its Really True that orkut has become much much more serious than last year about User-Security which is the cause of so many security updates.[/navy]

[u][gray][i]Related Screenshot[/i][/gray][/u] :

[purple]A better Search Engine[/green][/u]
Well it seems that orkut is at it again.. thanks to the new search engine you can search in orkut much easily and better than before…
For example if you make a spelling mistake.. orkut will show you the correct alternative.
[u][red][navy]And A few Tips about searching from me :[/navy][/red][/u]
? Search for 2 diff. things by using [red]+[/red] . For eg- [purple]Your Choice1 [red]+[/red] Your Choice2[/purple].
? Search exact sentence using quotes ie, [red][/red] [red][/red] . For eg- [red][/red][purple]Your Choice[/purple][red][/red].

Now Add More Albums in Orkut

One More Update on Orkut Now (-:… !!

Vications are over and I hope you enjoy a alot.

and if you collect lots picture and thinking to share on Orkut. Welcome to Orkut’s New update.

Now you are able to arrange your album as your requirement and choice becouse now you are able to manage your Pictures as different-different categories assign them as holiday, marriage or friends, school as you want (-:

Happy Snaping (-:

Interactive Orkut Shortcuts

Greasemonkey Script: This script provides you Interactive Shortcuts for Orkut.

My mom says that I am the laziest person in this worldredface. But I never bother about her comments. After all, technology is something that makes us a little lazy and i can’t leave new technologies. Here is presenting you with the laziestlol “Interactive Orkut Shortcuts” script. Visit One corner of orkut from the orkut and be lazy like me.twisted

Minimum Requirements : Mozilla Firefox, Greasemonkey Add-on.

arrowInstall the script, take a cup of coffee and relax. This script has all those hover effects too, which others don’

Let the screen shots explain the functionalities (I am lazy in typing toorazz)

Hope Evil doesn’t mind posting his photo on this blog, without his permission.wink

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