Embed WMP 11 in Websites, Forums, Blogs

You can embed WMP 11 skin in your websites, blogs, forums with video or mp3 song to make it more interesting. The following code helps you to do so.

To make it work, just add your video or mp3 url in between the quotes after src tag.
As you can see this player skin has been embedded in this blog with a song. So that’s how it will appear in the page where you will embed it.

Interactive Orkut Shortcuts

Greasemonkey Script: This script provides you Interactive Shortcuts for Orkut.

My mom says that I am the laziest person in this worldredface. But I never bother about her comments. After all, technology is something that makes us a little lazy and i can’t leave new technologies. Here is presenting you with the laziestlol “Interactive Orkut Shortcuts” script. Visit One corner of orkut from the orkut and be lazy like me.twisted

Minimum Requirements : Mozilla Firefox, Greasemonkey Add-on.

arrowInstall the script, take a cup of coffee and relax. This script has all those hover effects too, which others don’

Let the screen shots explain the functionalities (I am lazy in typing toorazz)

Hope Evil doesn’t mind posting his photo on this blog, without his permission.wink

Remove Reverse Code from Community Name

Remove Reverse Code from Community Name… !!

Trick Type: Java Script
Created by: Lost Soul
Published at: OUG

If you put reverse text caractor in your Community. Its really Hard remove that caractor because its not easily delete from del command. so here is solution.

? Copy this Javascript.
? Paste in your address bar(where you write www.orkut.com).
? Hit enter.

? Run it on the community edit page

javascript:ls=alert(“Script made by Lost Soul”);ls1=document.forms[1].elements[2];ls1.value=””;ls1.value=”Naughty Fellows !!”;void(0)

if In case you want to solve the prob for multiple communities, try this:

javascript:ls=alert(“Script made by Lost Soul”);ls1=prompt(“Enter your community Name”, “Enter the name here”);ls3=document.forms[1].elements[2];ls3.value=””;ls3.value=ls1;void(0)

Thanks to Lost Soul