The basic computer languages which are must for today’s world

Well, there can be a lot of variations in thinking of me and others. So far whatever i have learned in this tech world gave me a clear idea what you should know if you want to be a blogger or a programmer or just a person who have a decent understanding of computers.

The minimum reuirement is ANY computer language. I would suggest C as it is one of the easiest language to learn. You may also learn c++/java if you wish. If you want to learn gui based applications then VB will definitely help you.

Next comes the WEB.For web technology HTML is must and one of the easiest languages to learn. Also try to learn Javascript along with it. Please note that Java and Javascript are not the same. Javascript is a client side scripting language.

The next thing you should know is any server side scripting language. I would suggest PHP as it is just like C codes inserted between HTML tags. So if you know HTML and C then its just a cakewalk for you.

One more thing which you will require very frequently is some query language to understand the flow of data from the database. The easiest of all is MySql.

You may also learn some more languages as per your understanding and requirements but the ones i have mentioned here will definitely help you. If you want to add something then feel free to comment here. Thanks for reading techian. Stay tuned. Much more to come.

Call Spoofing

Few weeks back .. i made one same topic for this.. but that number stopped working.. so here is the new one

just dial –

+239 299328

then wait for a beep after that dial the number you want to display in your friends number with the prefix 91 and then again wait for next beep, after that dial the number which you wanna call … everything done, and call will get connected

or else use this format —

+239 299328 p 919895012345 p 919895000000

here it will display the no: 919895012345
and make call to this no: 919895000000

and hope u know “p
just press star key 3 times “p” will appear
In Iphones … instead of p a comma , is used


* To spoof your phone will call an international number , international rates will apply
* Number to call should start with the 91 prefix
* Dialing the spoof no: takes around 20 seconds
* Some one told me that this spoof work for all country’s , i am not sure about that but its working in india
* Even if you try to make miss call you will loose money , since you are dialing an international no:


* Do this at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage caused
* Just shared with you guys coz sharing is caring.. dont call 100 and say “bomb”

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How to use proxy ip in browser

For using proxy address  in web browser you need no extra skill. its very easy. Just follow these steps:

For Mozilla Firefox:

Search for proxy ip. You may get plenty on

Ip adrees of proxy

Note Down the ip address in notepad or anywhere else you like

Firefox proxy

Click on Tools and then on Options and goto advance tab

Firefox proxy

Then Click on Network Tab

firefox Proxy

Then click on Settings

Firefox proxy

Then select Manual Proxy Configuration

Firefox Proxy

We will use Http Proxy here so enter the proxy ip and port no like as shown above in the image. Then click ok and your browser is ready with proxy.

For Internet Explorer:

  1. On the Tools menu in Internet Explorer, click Internet Options, click the Connections tab, and then click LAN Settings.
  2. Under Proxy server, click to select the Use a proxy server for your LAN check box.
  3. In the Address box, type the IP address of the proxy server.
  4. In the Port box, type the port number that is used by the proxy server for client connections (by default, 8080).
  5. You can click to select the Bypass proxy server for local addresses check box if you do not want the proxy server computer to be used when you connect to a computer on the local network (this may speed up performance).
  6. Click OK to close the LAN Settings dialog box.
  7. Click OK again to close the Internet Options dialog box.

Now start surfing with youd identity hidden

This method can be used for bypassing several restrictions of blocked site in a network or for downloading files from rapidshare. Do whatever You wish to.:)

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Way to access blocked sites,Bsnl evdo blocked many sites,How to bypass blocked site?

Way to access blocked sites in BSNL evdo network is here. As they blocked so many sites using open dns which includes proxy,adult sites as well as so many other useful sites. They even blocked microsoft’s search engine and aslo major sites like yahoo and gmail and you won believe it, even they blocked orkut.


Read here for details

Who are they to decide what we should view and what not to view? We are paying them for their service whatever they demans then why they are behaving like dictators?


Not to worry when your net friend techian is here 🙂 I have got a very good solution to bypass this blocking issue. Tested and working fine. This method is used by the chinese people to bypass their govt restrictions on content filtering. Yes some of you might have guessed correctly what i am talking about. I am talking about TOR . This small usefull tool is very good and it works fine in almost all such networks.


But still some problem remains as Tor’s homepage is also blocked. So what? 😀 No fear when google is here 🙂

I googled for alternate links and found few working ones

Download Tor Browser Bundle v 1.2.0 Download Tor IM Browser Bundle v 1.2.0

Download any of the above and if it doesnt works then search more and use the one which works for you.It contains a browser bundles and pidgin[depending upon the package you download].Tor might take sometime to open but when its fully loaded your problem will be solved. After downloading it just extract the files somewhere and you need to run Start tor browser.exe file and it will start loading

Another Solution:

Another Solution is to use proxies but They are also blocking various proxy sites but still the methos which i am telling you is working fine for me.

I dont know why but i feel like tor works a bit slow so i use it just to visit the site

All you need to do is enter the captcha there and press enter. You can see a list of proxies appearing on screen. Just get some proxy ip address [with port 80 or 8080 from there which shows high uptime [around 97%+] and note it down to notepad[or anywhere else you like to]. Now all you need to do is use this proxies in your browser. I would recommend you peple to use firefox.

The only problem with this method is that the proxies that you got are temperory, they wont last long so you need to get fresh working ones frequently from the site. But if you are using Tor then no problem at all:)

If you dont know how to use proxies in web browser Please visit this thread to know how to use them

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How to disable pendrive on windows

How to disable Pendrive?
Open notepad and past this code then save it with anyname.reg
Then double click on it, computer will ask Are you sure you want to add the information to registry?click YES.

You will be there
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

How to Reverse:-
And if you want to reverse it change the value “00000004” to “00000003”. The computer will show pendrive again

Tips For People Who Want To Use Pirated Software


I know you are reading this and you must be using some or many or all softwares which are actually pirated :p Dont worry, i am not going to tell you what you should use and what you should not. This post of mine is for you people only telling you about what precautions you should take in order to use them without any problem.


  1. Never Update the software even if it ask you to do so.Eg Internet Download Manager
  2. Avoid installing software when connected to internet. Just before installing it disconnect your internet connection
  3. Try to use the setup files downloaded from the author site and use only keys to make it full version as softwares downloaded from other sources may be infected by virus/trojans
  4. If you are downloading software from some torrent site then make sure you read the review about it before downloading it
  5. Some software auto-connects to its developers site and update itself. To stop them from doing this you need to install a good firewall software on your system. I will recommend Zone Alarm. After installing it all the connections preference will be decided by you so you may prevent them from connecting to their host.
  6. Still some softwares are coded in such a manner that they will update themselves whenever you connects to internet. So for them just make sure their processes are not running when you dont need it. Just remove its entry from startup.
  7. Some software are too much intelligent, eg Artisteer. Never use such softwares when you are connected to net.

By practising these methods you can live healthy pirated life 🙂

Note: Always use genuine softwares. Its good for software industry

Thanks for reading my post. If you have installed any software which has infected your system then you may remove the virus by using our methods

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How to activate Kaspersky 2009 the easy way.

How to activate Kaspersky 2009 the easy way…

No keys necessary

First off download either KIS or KAV from the Kaspersky web site.

Once installed and it asks you to register, skip through this section.

After the computer has rebooted load up Kaspersky, click on “Settings” and go down to “Options” and un-check
“Enable Self-Defence”. Click ok.

Now disable Kaspersky and exit the program.

Next run regedit

Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\KasperskyL ab\protected\AVP8\environment\

Scroll down to Product Status and change from “Release” to “Beta”

Exit regedit and reload Kaspersky, you’ll notice that when you goto the area where you
normally input your key you now have an option to “Activate Beta Version”.

Click this and you’ll get a 30 day BETA trial, the great thing is you can just redo this time and again,
so 30 days later just do the same thing.

Basically what you’ve done here is fool the Kaspersky server into thinking your using the BETA version of
the product when infact your actually using the Release version that will give you all the updates etc like
a full release.

No more keys, no more nagging!!