How to get a domain name for free if you do not wish to invest anything

In last post we discussed about getting domain name for your website. After reading my post some of you emailed me asking if there are any ways to get a free domain name? Well the answer is yes. I keep posting various offers by various service providers whenever they offer any good deal or offer free domains.

There are many other good sub-domain providers which works almost the same as domain names but not professionally recommended. Still if one wish to go for it they can. The best of all is if you want to go for a short term. They offer domains free for 1 year. You will get a domain name like Another good option is that you may go for .tk domains. You will get a domain name as

There are tons of other good services which offers you free subdomains. You can see the detailed list here

Keep watching this blog and grab the opportunity when i post about free domain offers.

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How to select and purchase a domain name for your website

In last post of mine i wrote the beginners guide on how to create a website and i just gave the basic idea of website creation.  If you want to read beginners guide to create a website then click here

In this post i will tell you how and where to book the domain names which are reliable and cheap as well.

What is a domain name?

Domain name is a name to your website. Without domain name your website will look like which is no doubt not at all user friendly. If your website is then you can easily remember it by the name

Suggestion for selecting a good domain name

There are few things that you should keep in mind while selecting your website name or domain name.

  • If you want to simply have a website on your name then you may have it but it is always better if you have a domain name which can be branded until you are not a famous personality. eg is good but is not recommended. Better go for something like
  • It is always good to have a short name which is a dictionary word and avoid including numbers in domain name however hyphens are acceptable but still without hyphens its better.
  • Make sure the domain name do not contain the name of any registered trademark. Eg is not recommended. The registered company can claim the domain and you will ne be able to do anything.
  • If you want to target any product or business then “keyword domain” is always good. I will discuss keyword domain in a separate post in detail. eg. If you want to create a website on shoes the go for a website containing that name.
  • Its good to have a website with good category type. Like if you want to create a blog on your name then go for .me domain name. Eg If you want to create a commercial site then go for .com domain
  • If you have a domain name which can be remembered easily then its good. Suppose you have a domain name It will be difficult for someone to remember it. Instead if you have a domain name like then its better. Its not that short domain names are always easy to remember. eg is not recommended but is recommended.
  • People believe that the best domain extension is .com and in general it is true.
  • Always try to have a domain name which describes website nature. eg if yourwebsite is on travel then is recommended but is not.

From where to get the domain names

There are uncountable service providers from where you can get domain name for cheap. My personal favorite is The simple reason is that they are very reliable and i always get the cheapest domain names from the,m I always register/renew domain name on godaddy by using discount coupons readily available all across the internet. I prefer for getting the discount coupons.

The next best as per my analysis is and

If you know some other good providers then feel free to share in comments section. I hope this post of mine was helpful to you. I will be writing about hosting in next post. If you like this then please bookmark it for future reference and share it with others.

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How to create a website ? beginners guide step by step explained

Toady everyone wants to have his or her own website/blog to make presence in online world. But not everyone is able to do so. Reason may vary from person to person. Some people are too lazy or some are not having money or some may simply do not have the knowledge how they can do that.

Today I am going to start a series of posts here on in which i will explain everything from scratch so that even a small kid may able to create hi or her own website in few simple steps.

There are three major parts in a simple website creation process. They are:

  1. Registering domain name [ The website address]
  2. Getting web hosting space [The server which will host your website]
  3. Creation of a website

In next post of mine i will explain each of them in detail.


Noobs guide of how to hide sensitive data on your system

The method which i am going to discuss here is for people who wants to hide data on their system without any special tools or softwares so that no one can easily detect it and even if they can they may not be able to decode it.

The method is pretty simple and working great. This method i adopted in one of the software company during an audit and they were unable to trace anything.


  1. Put all the data in a folder
  2. Compress it using any tool like winzip or winrar
  3. make it password protected
  4. change the extension name to .doc or .xls or docx or xlsx [depending upon your ms office version]
  5. open a new word document
  6. embed the data whose extension you changed in step 4 using the below step
  7. Goto insert > object >click on create from file tab > check the box “display as icon” and select the file created on step 4 
  8. save that document
  9. again compress it
  10. make it password protected
  11. change its extension to .pst
  12. goto the folder where your outlook express files exist e.g. C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook
  13. paste the file created in step 10 here

Your data is now secure. No one can easily trace it and even if they can they will not be able to open it. You may tweak this renaming method according to your needs and intelligence. Your data is now absolutely safe. Feel free to comment your views on this.

How to increase the internet speed

Hello Readers, This topic is useful for all the people who really want to know how they can increase their net connection speed. The truth is that you can not legally bypass the download speed of your internet connection and if you try to do so its 100% sure that you will be contacted by your ISP very soon.

What you can do at the most is that you can really “Optimize” your internet speed as per your requirements. If you have a wired line with a fixed internet speed, say 512 kbps, then you may optimize it to get the maximum out of it. You will be getting a maximum of 64 kbps download speed on a 512 kbps plan. Please note that communication speed is 512 kilo bits per second while the data transfer rate is measured in kilo bytes per second. Hence devide the communication speed number by 8 and you will get your data transfer speed because 1 Byte = 8 bits

How to optimize your internet connection?

1.Use firefox optimization technique for optimizing browsing

2.Use internet accelerators for downloading any file. I would sugest you to go for flashget as it is free to use for personal use.

3.Keep your system virus free.

4.Optimize torrent client for getting maximum download speed

5.Close those applications which are not being used by you.

6.optimize your TCP settings. Use the tool Dr TCP for this purpose. The details on how to use it can be found here

Next time i would be posting how can we further optimize the browser and torrent client. Also i am experimenting on wireless broadband and would be posting the full tutorial on how can we get better speed. Thanks for reading my post. If you like it then please share it with others by clicking the below icons.  Do not forget to join our email subscription in order to get the updates directly to your mailbox.

How to Run Turbo C in fullscreen in Vista – No Dosbox

Run Turbo C in fullscreen in Vista(No Dosbox)


You will need to download the following:
1. any XP iso. preferably SP3. (Download it yourself)
2.Microsoft virtual PC 2007. (Link given below)

Step 1:
Install Microsoft virtual PC 2007

Step 2:
after installing make new virtual machine using the wizard (select windows XP on select OS screen).

step 3:
after making new virtual machine start the new virtual machine.

step 4:
now it will be on the black screen with some text written which goes like ….. Argon PXE boot agent v2.0and BLAH BLAH BLAH!

step 5:
now u need to click on the 'CD' option in the tool bar and select 'capture ISO image' option from the drop down menu.

step 6:
As soon as u do this a window will open in which u need to go to the XP SP3 iso select it and click on open…
now go to file>reset and your XP setup will start.

step 7:
complete XP setup and come to desktop of XP virtual PC.

now u need to go to Actions>Install or update virtual machine additions.
click ok on all the boxes which pop up.
let the software install on XP inside ur virtual PC.
it will ask u to restart ur XP(virtual). Do it.

step 9:
Now open 'Virtual PC console' which must have minimised into ur taskbar.

step 10:
in the console select the virtual Machine u just made and start it and let XP boot.

step 11:
once it boots go to console again and select ur virtual machine and click on settings.
in settings select 'shared folders' option.

now on right hand side click on 'share folder' and share the Turbo C folder present in ur real PC (Vista).

step 12:
now go to ur virtual PC (XP). and go to my computer.
there u will see ur Shared TC folder.
now copy the folder and paste it into C drive of ur virtual PC for quick access.

step 13:
now open Turbo C normally as u wud do in XP in ur college.

when u open TC the window will become small. dont worry just press ALT+ENTER and it will go to fullscreen mode.

This tutorial was shared by cute

Watch tv channels free on internet as per your choice

Hello Readers,in this post of mine i will try to show you how i watch my favourite television channels online without paying any money to anyone, no subscriptions are required.

Well Normally All of us do have a television at our home but many times, the type of person reading my blog, there are some situations when we require to watch some channel through internet. Personally i dont like to watch television but i do watch informative channels. I love to watch/listen news channels. Also sometimes i may also like to watch some current events.

The first step is you should search for live stream on the homepage of that particular channel.Suppose you want to watch NDTV channels. You may watch NDTV247 here: Please note that you watch the video here live.

Similarly if you like to watch star tv channels,say star plus, just visit the homepage i.e. and select the show you want.

some more examples:

India tv

Discovery shows





IBN Lokmat


NDTV India

NDTV Profit

NDTV Goodtimes

NDTV Hindu

Aaj Tak programs

Some people would also love to listen BBC news. You may get it from here

[i am posting hindi version. other languages are also there]

MTV Full videos are here

Beginners guide to Adsense – Part one


Well, This is the first part of the beginners adsense guide that i am going to write.This is meant only for those people who are new in this field and dont know anything about adsense. After having your adsense account accepted what to do next? Some very important points i am going to write.

  1. Make sure you have given correct postal address in your adsense account. Because all the communication will be done to that mailing address only
  2. When your account balance reaches 10$ amount, the adsense will send you a letter containing your “pin number” and it will start appearing in your adsense homepage to verify your account. Once you enter the pin nu. there the account gets verified.
  3. Never ever try to fool adsense by fraud clicks in ANY MANNER. Remember always, they are google, they will trace you and you will loose your account for ever.
  4. Read the TOS very carefully.
  5. Read on blogs about various keywords and try to write relevant post on it. Remember, just entering the keyword in channel wont bring that add but unless your page content is relevant on it then only those “high paying” ads will show up.
  6. Try to focus your article on keyword you have selected
  7. never try to bring fake traffic to your site. It will result in ban of your adsense account
  8. High paying keywords can be found on many blogs. just google for it
  9. better use only those keywords in which you are comfortable.
  10. make use of google webmaster tools, bing webmaster tool and yahoo. Add your site to these and enjoy real traffic from search engine.
  11. To improve google page rank, try to get backlinks from other webpages. For google, make sure the place where you are putting your blog link is dofollow. for other search engines it does not matter.
  12. Add your site to alexa. It shows valid rank of your site on the internet.
  13. Make proper use of meta tags, title, description [On site SEO]

This was the first part. More to come. Keep visiting


Vivek Sinha Anurag