Cool site for freewares

Daily Cup of Tech
Informant site about software, tech news and tips.

File Hippo
The best place to download freeware programs.

Giveaway of the Day
Free payware each day but only 24hrs for each app.

Tech tricks, tips and downloads for getting things done.

Major Geeks
Download tons of freeware and sharware programs.

Portable programs that you can take anywhere.

Free Security Software
List of the best free security software on the net.

No Install
Programs that don’t require installation.

Open Source Living
Browse and download Open Source programs.

Pen Drive Apps
Install apps for portable use that aren’t made to be portable.

Portable AppZ
Independent developer who packages portable apps.

All Portable
Thinstalled programs and games for download.

Thin Download
More Thinstalled programs you can download.

other good resources for freeware. Use at your own risk. I have only used a few of these links for software. 

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