Top 6 Free Online Storage And File Hosting Services

Online storage and backup are now one of the most important things in this Internet world. Besides that, sharing bigger files too large as an attachment on an email used to be troublesome but not anymore with free online storage. However, I have found numerous online storage services, many of them supplying the users with an extremely small amount of space or limited features. So, here are my top 6 free online storage services that I would like to recommend to you for online storage or file sharing.
1. FileDropper ( is really very simple. All you need to do is upload your file and then you can share your personal link with your anyone you desire.
Many free file hosting limits the upload file of up to 100-150 MB, but with FileDropper, you can upload unlimited files with the maximum size of a file of amazingly 5 GB!

2. Badongo ( is my favorite, an exceptionally neat online storage service. As an unregistered user, you can upload up to 4.8 GB and as a free registered user up to 12 GB a day! However, it limits uploads of a maximum file size of 1 GB. The best feature I like of this is an option to create an MP3 player on your website by simply pasting code and creating slideshows with multiple effects.
3. ADrive ( provides a free 50 GB of free online data storage for all the files. The process is also very simple – Sign up > Upload > Share. However, it limits the maximum file size to 2 GB and maximum online storage to 50 GB
4. Fileqube ( is another free file hosting service which is really very fast, and you need not even sign up to store or send files less than 150 MB. It provides a link to download, a link to remove the file, and HTML code to add to a website. Unfortunately, the maximum free online storage is limited to only 2GB.
5. Easyshare ( only provides a maximum file size of 100 MB and an unlimited space, but it even pays its users for the uploads! If your upload gets downloaded for 10,000 times, you’ll receive $20! and if you refer another person to use EasyShare, you’ll even receive 10% of their earnings! Another cool feature, you can upload using an FTP server as well besides using their free software.
6. BOXSTr ( gives you the ability to quickly share anything with anyone at anytime with a maximum file size of 1 GB and the total maximum space of 5 GB. It also has integrated MP3 player to post music on your website and you can easily create a great photo gallery as well. However, the free accounts limit you maximum upload of 1 GB, 100 folders, and advertisements.

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