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Guys ,

Most of you know about fiverr , and many want to know websites which offers money like Fiverr does , i have searched a lot and found some websites Gig Websites ( Fiverr Clones )..
Make an account and post your gigs in these sites too , this could multiply your income..think of the possibilities..some of the websites are just born , you can make use of this opportunity well….

Guys , you too share the websites you know , always MAKE KNOWLEDGE AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE..

Enjoy the sites and you to share the knowledge ..


  1. Thanks so much!! The link worked!, and so I signed up and already started earning so many points! Thanks again Jessica

  2. Here is another site to multiply your income even more because you can place gigs from $5 to $100. And you can withdraw your hard earned money within 24 hours after sending them an email. I think that’s great.

  3. Thanks for writing about my favorite site, Fiverr. It’s growing fast! Already it’s ranked higher than and, which is amazing. You can try the clone sites, I suppose, but the real traffic is on the real site,

  4. I found another site.Its They don’t keep our money for longtime as like fiverr.After delivery the project we can withdraw the money instantly. HubFive is the place for people to offer and share things they are willing to do for $5,$10,$15,$20 & $25 and for others to order those services.

  5. Hi, thanks for this great info. If you can keep this updated with new micro jobs sites that would be great, i want to try and list on as many as i can to earn more cash. Here’s a new micro gig site alternative called, i’ve found posting early on new gig sites gets you more work as there’s less jobs on them to compete with. i love these sites. Thanks again,

  6. Hello.. new sweety microworkers site NeoGigs.They Have new categories prices from $5 to $50 .. JOIN NOW FREE AND START MAKE MONEY.

  7. I used Fiverr for about a year. Made a lot of money selling gigs but noticed they began to have a lot of competition and I received slower sales because of that. Sort of how adwords competition blew us all out of game.

    I decided to bring out Five Does IT, a micro jobs site that many Sellers will make money a little faster than with Fiverr since we are new with much less competition.

    hint: I’m looking to see lot’s of growth shortly which means lots of sale for our sellers.

    You are welcome to stop by and take a look.

    Karl Jackson

  8. I found this GREAT Fiverr like site for the Business sector where I can list my services for much more money like $250-$2500. It is on

    It is a great option for professional providers of services to get paid more.

  9. GoodHalf.Org is a social marketplace where gigs/microjobs/stuff can be sold priced from $2 all the way to $1000 (but not including $5). We already have a few users posting on our site…but for a more premium price.

    The marketplace takes half for nonprofits, but a gig on may be sold for higher amounts on GoodHalf.Org .

    Imagine, something you normally list for $5 on (earning you $4) you can list for $28 on GoodHalf.Org (earning you $14).

    So far our local market research (US-based) tells us that people are much more likely to pay higher prices if some/all of the funds go to nonprofits. Hence, the marketplace.

    Please email with any questions…and have a great time earning MUCH higher premiums on GoodHalf.Org! Heck, it’s even cool if you advertise your listings there!

  10. Seems this market is becoming quite crowded! however it is a big Internet and f.i.v..e.r.r ‘aint the only game in town–the concept is hardly ‘New’ people selling their skills?
    Cashgigs.Net is a fantastic web market, and you can set prices from 5 up to 100 dollars.

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