Earn Amazon vouchers from DooYoo.co.uk

This wonderful tutorial was shared by Rishabh in orkut underground 13 community. By using the below said method you may earn vouchers on Amazon which you may either redeem or may sell another person and make money.

DooYoo.co.uk is a review site such as reviewstream and many others out there.
It has been online since more than 10 years.

You just have to write reviews for various products out there…all types of products are available there…from laptops to fashion articles to cosmetics…everything

1000 dooyoomiles = 1 pound which is approx = 2 $

you earn 600 dooyoomiles on writing one review of minimum 150 characters.
i.e. on writing one review of 150 characs u earn 1 $ which is not at all bad…+ when some other member reads your review you earn 15 dooyoomiles and if someone comments you will earn around 20 dooyoomiles or something.

In 3 days you can make your minimum amazon payout which is 20 pounds = 40$

This method is really good for newbies.

This method will not give you direct money but you may buy from Amazon using your voucher or you may even sell it.

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