Penguin USB Drive

Penguin USB Drive… !!

Now say bye bye to that old style USB Storage Sticks. Because Now there is something really cool and fancy…(-:

A Penguin USB Drive ((-: Now isn’t this one of the cutest USB flash drives you’ve ever laid your eyes on? Who’d knew that even penguins get really cold, shivering away in the biting blizzard that they need a nice, knitted scarf to help keep those short necks warm. You just gotta love the way the eyes look around, as if they’re waiting for something to drop from the sky. Compatible with both Windows and Mac platforms, this Penguin USB flash drive comes in a maximum capacity of 2GB and retails for $89.33 a pop. Kinda pricey for the paltry amount of memory it comes with, and I’m sure the cuteness factor has something to do with the price.



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