Google street view launched in India and its starting from Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi

Last month Google Launched its street view vehicles in India

This was welcomed as well as criticized by many people across India. You opinion may vary from others and this post is not meant to influence your opinion. I would just provide the facts that i have.

People were concerned about their privacy and some people would not like to logged into the camera view. Not a problem. Google is having a very good privacy policy here. They are having their own algorithm to hide sensitive data such as faces and registration number plates of vehicles. Still if you want that some part should be totally blurred/removed then you may always use the report link present in the bottom of the screen. I personally checked how effective is their algorithm and found the result shown below.

As you can see the face is blurred and its effective enough. Still if you wish then you may use the link “Report Problem” and fill the form. They will act upon your request. Please note that only publicly accessible places will be made available through Google Street View.

Below is the video of the launch of the vehicle mounted with 360 degrees camera to take panoramic view of the streets

What are your views about this? feel free to leave you inputs in comments. Thanks for reading my post. Your friend Vivek Sinha Anurag will be back with more soon. Please bookmark this blog if you like it so that you may come back in future.

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