Google voice search for web launched officially: Review 1 : Its awesome

Google is well known for its innovative works and keepingits expectation up to the mark they have come up with their one more awesome feature in google search which you will definitively love. Yes, i am talking about google voice search feature. All you need to do is speak and google will understand your words and will search accordingly for your query.

google voice search

They have very smartly programmed this feature which is able to read your voice commands very precisely depending upon your accent and location across the globe. On 14th June they officially announced that slowly they will roll out this feature in coming days. If you want to read more about it then you may check here for more information about google voice search.

The interface looks really cool. All you need to do is click on the “mic” icon appearing at the end of the search box and speak out your query and wait. Just sensing your gap it will fill the search box with the search query you spoke and will show you search engin results for that query.

Requirements for goole voice search:

Officially google has not stated any requirements for this but i personally tried to figure out what exactly is required for this to work

  • A working pc with internet connection
  • Preferred browser is google chrome
  • google talk plugin
  • and ofcource – a mic

If this feature is not appearing in your google homepage then just wait for some more time until its launched in your country. Feel free to sare your experience in comments section.


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