Create 3D text


  1. create a new blank document, the size will depends on the size of your text.
  2. type the text, but each letter of your text must be on different layer (so you will have to create 6 layers if your text contains 6 letters)
  3. apply colors to the letters as you wish (you can apply different colors if you want), you can also adjust the text alignments using the cursor
  4. the look of the background depends on your choice (i applied a gradient here)
  5. now rasterize your text layers
  6. select the top most text layer and press ctrl+E to merge it into the second text layer
  7. repeat the above step until you have only two layers left (the background and only one text layer)
  8. select move tool, select the text layer, press & hold alt key and press down and right key alternatively (must press alternatively or the 3D stretch will be discontinnuous), the more you keep pressing, the more 3D will keep stretching…so determine how much stretch you want and press down and right keys up to your choice
  9. now you will see lots of text layer copies have been created, select the top most layer and press ctrl+E to merge it into the next one…keep doing this until you have 3 layers left (background, main text layer and a copy of the text layer)
  10. drag the main text layer to the top, keep the text layer copy at the middle with the background at the bottom
  11. select text layer copy, hit ctrl+U, set edit:master, hue:0, saturation:0, lightness: -60
  12. merge the two text layers
  13. apply some blend on it (i applied drop shadow, bevel & emboss and satin)
  14. now its ready

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