Edit an image – apply colors to certain places

first see the two images:
Original picture is this one:

and this is the picture after editing:

this is very easy one:

  1. first, open the source picture in photoshop
  2. create a duplicate layer of the background, you can do it by right clicking on the background layer and click duplicate layer..this will create a layer named as background copy.
  3. then, you have to just select the certain area of the background copy by using the Magic Wand Tool
  4. select the cap, copy the selection (edit>copy), create new layer (layer>new>layer), paste the selection (edit paste) on the newly created layer.
  5. now go to the blending options of the new layer (layer>layer style>blending options), add color overlay, select the desired color, adjust opacity and blend mode
  6. the same steps (step 4 & 5) to be done for the eyes, lips and the hair (with different colors).
  7. now you are done.

try it, its cool 🙂

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