BSNL GPRS hack, 2+Mbps & Unlimted Downloading = Rs 274/mo


2+Mbps & Unlimted Downloading = Rs 274/mo.

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mlm Unguli wale of OUG

Req. Brand New BSNL 3G sim & 3G handset ( i recommended Micromax 300G Datacard) 1). Go to a BSNL outlet n ask for a 3G sim 2). Then recharge it with Rs. 120 in which u ll get Rs 20 balance & 6 month validity 3). Then convert it to 2G by recharging it with Rs. 2 4). Then activate Unlimited GPRS plan for 2G on ur card by recharging Rs. 274 Now in ur Handset set access point as bsnlnet n now use unlimited GPRS with speed of 3G Proof:
Please Consider this post just for information that it was working .. but no more working now.  Do not try this. You are late here :-)

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64 thoughts on “BSNL GPRS hack, 2+Mbps & Unlimted Downloading = Rs 274/mo”

  1. Hi

    This unlimited plan was working not is working

    ‘coz bsnl make cap to unlimited users

    I hate bsnl to do this

  2. hey do u want to hack bsnl 3g.just do this1;recharge with minimum 3g plan2;use 3g mobile3;set network gsm4;open any web browser;5;surf any web site minimum 5 to 7 minit6;minimize{remember} web browser set network to umts.that’s it u now download unlimited with minimum 3g recharg just injoy frienss

  3. I had talk to ccare they told me 274 unlimited pack is not available right now. I have iphone 4 is there any trick so i can use it unlimited on iphone.

  4. hello sir plz help my 2g net my max.speed to downloding 15-19 kbp/s how is it to fast max .30-40 kbs…i use 2g sim&3g modem so plz help me…

  5. for getting 3g speed with 2g card just open c:\bsnl3g\db.mdb
    and set fixed speed mode = 3g and just
    enjoy working 10000%
    with 2g recharge .

  6. i have bsnl 3g but i dont like it when i purches it deller say to me friest you get 3g card after you recharge 2g so you will get 3g speed but nothing doing it my card speed is 150 kbps

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