BSNL EVDO Roaming from july-august – Leaked information

BSNL EV-DO works on 3g CDMA technology and its monthly charges are 550rs now. And what you get for this Rs is worth but the biggest problem with it was that BSNL was not allowing roaming services in it. All other wireless internet services were providing roaming for such services.

Now BSNL has also planned to start roaming for EVDO connections. Yes its confirm news. Even the circulars have beed sent to all the offices and this info i got in one of the BSNL offices in bangalore. According to the circular they are planning to start roaming from Next month and for that the necessary steps are being taken. Also they are going to chage 600Rs per month from next month onwards.

So now no more problem for people who want to travel from one place to another. Now enjoy 3g cdma technology to fullest without any limitations.

This is leaked information. No official announcement has been made. I am just writing here what i got. I am not at all responsible for any effect it creates.

8 thoughts on “BSNL EVDO Roaming from july-august – Leaked information”

  1. no, it cant be used on a sim card

    man you may contact higher authorities.. mail them regularly.. call them on their cell even if u face problem at 2am.. i am doing so.. and they are calling me regularly and asking me if its working fine for me.
    mail to : de,dgm[broadband],dgmns,dgm[cdma], grievance cell and one copy to cgm.. keep mailing your problem with tag [reminder1].[reminder2]….

  2. @admin

    Are you getting good speed with BSNL EVDO?

    Is the current Rs 550 plan having unlimited usage?

    There is not much information about EVDO in BSNL official website. So please tell me

  3. Honestly speaking.. i am getting good downloading speed [256kbps to 700 kbps at night and daytime 128kbps-300 kbps] with idm. But normally pages are loading very slow.. The plan is simple.. 550 Rs per month [+tax] for UNLIMITED usage. No limit on downloads. So its worth 550 rs i guess.

    Its better than all other wireless internet services.. But make sure the quality of service in your area before taking it as where signal is weak you may not able to surf properly

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