DOT Banned all major files sharing sites in India

DOT Banned all major filesharing sites in India including,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

This decision seem to be strange because still there are many porn sites are exploiting indian culture and they are not taken care of. This is major setback for these big hosting companies because India is one of the major source of web traffic to these sites. As per some officials this action was taken in order to prevent piracy.

DOT Banned all major files haring sites in India but it seems like none of the India netizens are supporting govt’s move of blocking the site. Slowly Indian govt is becoming more like Chinese govt but frankly telling you that govt is not capable of blocking these sites.

How to unblock the file sharing sites blocked in India

Unblocking these sites are not a big deal at all. All you need is some freeware tools that i discussed in some of my old posts where i told about using proxy, Using Tor, and other method of unblocking blocked sites. The simplest and best method is using ultrasurf.

I hope this post of mine have helped you. If you face any problem then feel free to comment.

2 thoughts on “DOT Banned all major files sharing sites in India”

  1. So sad, the telecom department knows things better than this, even there staffs might

    there are p2p, torrents, proxy servers,vpn services and all these things

    then again fileserve, filesonic, putlocker, mediafire, movshare…..all these sites have facilities to remove unauthorized/copyrighted files; people/groups who feel violated just could do that.

    come on “dot” open your eyes
    people have files shared on these sites

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