Google Street View Project in Bangalore-India stopped by Bangalore Cops

Few days back i posted about google street view being launched in India as well and it was launched in Bangalore. But the journey of google street view in India seem to be haulted as it was stopped by Bangalore cops.

Google Street View

As we know that this project was aimed to provide a 360 degree view of all streets and places across the locations like Bangalore but police interrupted the project and stopped the google cars and tricycles to film the streets.

As per the police the Bangalore is a hub for it and defense establishments and very important places like ISRO and allowing such an extensive views all across the city can be misused by antisocial elements and terrorists.

Well, everything has got its own advantages and disadvantages. Just stopping google from filming streets will not stop or prevent terrorism neither its going to stop them doing so. So why to stop such a creative project? Just imagine if you have google street view of cities online then you may easily reach your destination without asking for help from anyone. Lets see what happens in future but if its completed then it would be awesome.

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