Solar energy coming to POWER up your needs

Gone are those days when solar cells were having efficiency of mere 8-10%. This year The U.S Renewable Energy Laboratory created the world’s most efficient solar cells. Its based on gallium-indium and it yields the efficiency of a maximum of 40.8%. This is the maximum efficiency achieved so far in the history of solar cells.

One may think that still this efficiency is quite low, only 40.8% is nothing. But if you go in depth you may understand the gravity of this much efficiency. Every system has its efficiency but it can never equals 100%. There is one law which states no system can be formed which yields 100%. Our body concerts only 5% of energy taken , i.e. only 5% efficiency. A patrol engine gives around 40% efficiency. So you may understand that this 40.8% is good, in fact very very good for the people who wants to harvest solar energy with the help of solar cell.

Imagine the world using solar cells, it will slow down the heating all around. the pollution. This much efficiency can help in running your car very easily and with greater power and less noise and pollution. Your watches,calculator are already using solar cells to some extent, now your computer may also use this energy. no need of looking for power chords, just put your laptop in sunlight for few minutes and it will be charged.

Thousands of scientists are working day and night to find renewable source of energy as the fuel which we are using now is going to finish soon. We have to look for alternative source which are eco friendly and also renewable. Solar energy has always been the center of research for many scientists as it is available freely everywhere. the sensible people are already worried about the future energy needs. This news about solar cell is definitely a boost for their hope. And the best thing is that its not the end in the field of solar cell. The research is still going on and hope we will get better results in near future.

Once the efficieny is achieved, the second focus goes to it’s price.Now the price is really high for a normal person who is already using other energy sources. He might not pay 10000$ for solar cell if he can buy a car using petrol in 10000$.

Hope we will soon get a solar cell capable of running our bikes too. A bike having solar cells on its number plates.Its my imagination now but if you are laughing at it then think once again. nobody thought 50 years back that solar power can run cars.

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