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U.S. (California) set up by a group of businessmen from Russia and Armenia announces the launch of Cafe4tune international social network. The founders and developers of the idea think that the network can start a healthy competition with such “monsters” as VK or Facebook. The budget of the project makes over USD 20mln. is the first “live” social network where a user may not only send and receive text messages from his friends and colleagues through the chat but also manage its own 3D projection in the virtual 3D world- natural environment with its streets, hotels, cafes and passers-by. Users may communicate with such avatars live or in the video format: use of any communication means is provided in almost all the sections of the network.

Another innovative feature that is marked with is its business element. The network provides tools for creating virtual shops, galleries and exhibition halls with an option to organize online sales. Virtual spaces will bring the clients together as regular visitors of shops, galleries and other objects and can be as well used in their own business projects. In other words, enables companies to promote their brands effectively and for minimum expenses. will allow conducting your own online live broadcasts of any kind of events through video cameras of mobile devices as well. Music lovers will be able to conduct and watch live broadcasts from clubs and concert halls, sport lovers may sit in the stadium and share “live” match of the favorite football team with friends. You can find the broadcast you need in a convenient way, by themes or genres, and those who missed the event will be able to watch its recording. Permanent online live broadcasts may this way become an independent business project for users of

The project features a great number of entertainment resources. games are provided not only with game components but also options of video and audio-communication between the users.

The developers took into account important psychological and ethic aspects of the interaction of the network users as well creating special “tricks” such as for instance “polite refusal” of phone and video- calls.

The new social network has been developed for the past 3 years. As of now, since November 2011- the beta version of has been launched. Developers plan to launch the alpha version where the site will look as originally it has been developed, from February 2012. version is already launched for Android and iPhone and is available in 30 languages.

it is also avaibale for android and iphone .. those links are : and

You can become a user and test the beta version of the new social network at


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  1. Attenzione cafe4tune è una “furbata” Una volta registrati non esiste un contatto con il centro d’assistenza del sito e non esiste una maniera di cancellarsi dal sito e dal loro database!!!!!

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