WordPress 3.0 missing text editor/text formatting bar problem

This is a very starge problem that i faced when i upgraded this blog to the latest 3.0 version. It had happened in past as well so i was not amazed to see that and the solution was somewhat already known to me so i didnt took much of time and effort that it took last time when i upgraded to version 2.7.


When i upgraded to wordpress 3.0 this time the text formatting bar was missing. It looked like:

This looked really pathetic as i didnt had any option to format my text posted here. So as i did last time, i tried intalling various plugins and finally FCKEditor plugin worked for me. After installing it it looked like:

Simple yet working solution 🙂 . i hope the other people facing similar problem may try this method and see if it works for them Please reply if you face any problem. Thanks for reading my post.

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