Cheapest Domain Name from Yahoo. 1.99$ for .com .net .org etc

Cheapest Domain Name from Yahoo. 1.99$ for .com .net .org etc

Yes you are at right place if you are looking to buy a domain for you. You may get the cheapest domain from yahoo inc. They are offering this toeveryone by yahoo small business .


All you need to do is pay them and you wil get full control over your domain for 1st year. But i will suggest this offer to avail only if you are looking for short term domain. If you are planning to buy domain from yahoo small business, i will suggest you to buy for as long term as you can, cauze once the term is over, you need to pay nearly 35$ every year.

The deal that says 1.99$ is only for the first year, the price after 1st year varies on as selected terms which are the following:

1-year term: $1.99 (special discount for new customers only)

2-year term: $11.94 ($1.99 for your first year, $9.95 for your second year)

3-year term: $21.89 ($1.99 for your first year, $9.95 for your next two years)

5-year term: $41.79 ($1.99 for your first year, $9.95 for your next four years)

This offer i checked today personally and its working fine

Click here to avail this offer

7 thoughts on “Cheapest Domain Name from Yahoo. 1.99$ for .com .net .org etc”

  1. hello vivek , i need help about wordpress, i want to earn thru wordpress via google adsense.
    Help me for that , plz write something about this on ur blog,
    what is the Criteria to submit our blog at google adsense , how much old our blog should be…!!
    plz visit my blog
    I have also backup your two posts Mozilla , Windows 7 keys….!!!
    (sorry for Copy Paste)

    plz reply me….!!!

  2. Hallo Jaimin
    You cannot place adsense ads in blog hosted at according to their TOS

    I will soon write the post you have asked for. Thanks for reading my posts. Stay tuned 🙂

  3. thanks bro. i found the windows 7 post but nt able to find the mozilla one. Can u provide the link ??

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