Free calls to india, us, uk and to many other countries. offer is for 10 million minutes

I am back again after a long period of time.  This time with an a very cool working method for making call free to India, Us, uk, Australlia and many more countries. Thanks to unnamed guy who posted this method in OUG community. I tried and verified this method before posting here. Still if you face any problem then feel free to comment here.

The Australia-based VoIP service provider, PennyTel, is offering 10 million free local, domestic, long-distance
and international call minutes promotion to several popular destinations, which includes Australia, Canada, China, India, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK and the USA.

The 10 million minutes of free calls is available exclusively for PennyTel customers, but you can always register for free and instantly get accessed to the free calls. Just visit the following URL to take up the free calls offer:

For new sign up, only email address is required, where PennyTel will send emails containing detailed account information such as user name, web password, VoIP password and etc. No initial deposits or credits is required to start making free calls.

PennyTel has multiple ways to make phone calls, including iPhone App, softphone launched from website to call straight from computer, landline (requires paid ATA), or SmartDial for calling from mobile.

After creating the account login here:Login here Then see the left column, the second last option: Pennytel Softphone

click on it and enable it. Then you need to logout and login again and bingo.. you are done. Start making calls absolutely free.

You need to wait for 30 sec when using this for the 1st time. After 30 sec it will show you registered. after that no restriction at all.

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  1. i am not able to register tells we have sent you an email.i check my inbox n spam folder.but i dont see any mail from them 🙁

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