Get .info domain for free

Now, here’s what you need to do.
Admin edit:This offer is for people of UK only. Step 1 and 2 will not work as the admins of Freeola are very active hence do not try any fraud with them.
3. Go to
4. Register there.
5. Visit
6. Click on the button that says “Login and choose my free domain”
7. Choose your free .info domain and enter the information required.
8. Wait for some hours. (It took around 30 hrs for me, but it depends)
9. You’ll get the mail in your mail box. Enjoy.

Thats it. So simple. Remember, the offer is only meant for UK citizens and one domain per household. Thats why we are using a UK proxy. If they find you suspicious, you won’t get it. But, I don’t think they’ll know that. No worry. And yes, you can change Name Servers as well.

Domain lasts for a year. Offer Valid Till 30th of June. Hurry !

3 thoughts on “Get .info domain for free”

  1. Thank you for helping us promote this oppurtunity.

    Just to let anyon know who is reading this “Help”, we check all applications “by hand”. None are automatically approved.

    This allows us to check the IP address against the address. It is also incredibly easy to see if they use a proxy.

    So my suggestion would be not to do, and adhere to the T&C.

  2. This is against our rules and conditions. Please do not follow this advice as this is also against ICANN T&C which means your domain will be deleted, in the rare chance it does get through our human testing.

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