Collect cmm ID’s from All Joined Communies

Collect all cmm ID’s from all joined Communities… !!

Type: Javascript
Created by: Unknown
Shared by: Mr. Nobody
Published at: OUG

You are able to Collect your joined Communities cmm ID’s in just one click.

? Copy Script
? Goto Community Page
? Paste Script on Address Bar
? Hit Enter
? Copy All cmm Id’s Save and Use as your purpose. (-:


javascript:var text_LoL = document.body.innerHTML.match(/cmm=\d+/gi);var text_LoL = text_LoL.join();var text_LoL = text_LoL.match(/\d+/gi);var text_LoL_1 =””;for (index_1 = text_LoL.length-1;index_1 >= 0;index_1–){if (text_LoL_1.indexOf(text_LoL[index_1]) == -1) {text_LoL_1 = text_LoL_1 + ‘”‘ +text_LoL[index_1] + ‘”,’} else {text_LoL_1 = text_LoL_1}};

Enjoy Orkuting


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