Hacking Hacked Orkut Account from Fake Page installed by Other People

This post is about how to Hack Hacked Orkut Account from Fake Page installed by Other People on some server.
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Actually the logic behind this is we try to extract the txt file containing all the hacked username and password. But The question is how to do that.

There are several ways of doing this. The simplest of all is guessing te name of te text file and fetching it from browser. most common names are : Id.txt,passwords.txt,loginids.txt etc

But all people are not such idiots, some are smart ones too. Then what to do.

You may use Blackwidow software to scan the target url. It crawls the webpage and gives all the files. But sometimes due to restrictions even this crawler is not allowd to scan the folder where text file is stored.

Next we can take help of the google search engine. How to do that? Simple.. Just use the google dork :

site:[fakepage link].com filetype:txt

and done. The result will be in search results. Visit the text files and get the ids with passwords 🙂

Still if this doesnt works for you then you may try another method [suggested by prateek of OUG] . The method is :

Download IDM

Run Site Grabber

You won’t get the txt file in that but u will find the *.php file

Open it with notepad

Check this line:

$handler = fopen(“*.txt”, “a”);

Open the txt file now!

This is how you can hack the hackers without any problem

If you want to hack orkut account yourself then you may try this method
If you want to defend youself from being hacked on orkut by fake page or any other means the you may check my post

Thanks for reading this post. Please comment if the method works for you or not. And if you like my post then please share it. I Hope you enjoyed your stay here. Bookmark it and check back again

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