How To Increase Scraps on Orkut

Well.. Most of you have seen people on orkut with profiles having scraps (10000+). and you wish your profile to be same.. so not to worry.. its possible. there are various ways of increasing(flooding) scrapbooks on orkut.
Thanks to the community which released the first ever scrapbook flooder (Vijay Floodmachine) with the help of which many people touched 18crore scraps count.

How Flooding is done.??
its simple.. its like many people scrapping you at almost same time..

For flooding you need multiple fake profiles. It can be created manually also and with the help of Fake profile makers too.. You may search for it in orkut community OUG. Another thing which you need is a flooder software. Thanks to Tree who updated the Tree Fm on request of OUG’s members despite of his busy schedule and keeps on updating. You may download the latest version of TreeFM from the official link [dont download from any other place at it may hack your ids]
Download it from here :
Pass: oug
Updated On : 04:24AM 10/03/2008

PS: It will work on all profiles whether u have #main, weather u have or any other on your profile or not.

Note: It won’t work on lower version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

You need atleast Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
Here is the way to Check your Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version

So, better uninstall your Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and let Treefm install correct Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on its own.
Or download and install on your own from here

How to use this software.. its simple.
here is the video tutorial on youtube.

keep few things in mind:
from one id dont scrap more than 50 scraps else the ids will be banned and will be deleted soon.
also dont flood too much on single day. the target profile may be banned temporarily by orkut. it will be ok in approx 4 hours.

Warning: if  orkut want it may delete your profile if you flood.. but who cares.. there are lakhs of profile on orkut with so much of scraps.. me too with 100000+ scraps..   :p

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