New Virus hits on Orkut – Orkut Scrap All Virus

Orkut is getting targeted by a new Brazilian scrap virus, the virus infects users clicking on the above scrap message claiming to show some kind of video with the machine translated english version of the message below Updated(Thanks To Liens) :

this video remind me of you.
check how cool it is. but don’t get mad at me, ok?
tell me later what you thought about it

This virus that claimes to be a video is a .exe file which infects users computer and sends the same scrap to all your friends on Orkut, the virus installs “orkutkut.exe” and “imglog.exe” on the infected computer, the virus can easily be disabled by following the steps below:

  1. Kill both the process from the task manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC).
  2. Remove startup entries using msconfig.exe
  3. Delete the two above mentioned files from system32 folder.

Here is a screenshot of the virus:


To secure yourself from such threats never click on unknown links in your scrapbook.

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