Orkut – New Year Update Freak !!!

Well It seems suddenly a rush adrenaline has hit orkut . May This is the reason for the sudden, so many regular updates in such less time ..

But Lets See which are the amazing updates which they brought in within the past few days :

Related Community Bug has Been Fixed
Finally this problem which was bugging every Community Owner in [purple]orkut[/purple]..Has been Fixed .Now you can add ur favourite communities in communities’ Related List.

Google Privacy Tips, orkut style[/u][/green]
[green]Video [/green]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gn4HtnokIrk

Another Great Update for Albums on Orkut ..
Well after Increasing the number photos in albums to 100 and then improving Album Options allowing us organize pics into multiple albums to make it easier for Us.
Now , You Can Upload More Than one Pic At a time. Previously You Could Add 1 photo at a time. Now you can upload upto 99 Pics at Once. Thus Saving you Time And Efforts.
[purple]Another Gr8 Implement By Orkut !!

Hide your community’s content to non-members :[/green][/u]
[purple]For Community Owners:
It really seems orkut is very serious about privacy for their users. After implementing privacy in scrapbooks, albums, videos its now turn for our communities. Well its very obvious that people copy one stuff from a community and paste it in theirs. But atlest now its a bit more secure . Thanks to orkut, a community’s content can be restricted to its members only.

[u]Its simple Just go to Edit >>>[/u]
name :
category :
type :
messaging :
[navy]content privacy : >>[/navy]
[teal]open – anyone can view the contents of the community
hidden – only members can view the contents of the community

Choose The one you Like…..

Hats Off orkut !!!

Another Cool Minor Update ![/green][/u]
Well this time its simple .. Homepage
Just Like Your fortune is shown “[purple][u]Today’s Fortune[/u][/purple]
Now along with that ” [purple][u]Last Login[/u][/purple] ” will Be shown which will show you the time you last logged In.This is actually quite useful if you think your profile has been hacked or someone knows your password …

Oh My God – [teal]Attack on Hyperlinks !
[purple]Well this is really a blockbuster. Orkut has disabled hyperlinking in Profile and Community Descriptions.
? For Profiles Links Are still Accessible .. through a check.
? For Communities Hyperlinking is Disabled.
[navy]Well It Seems Its Really True that orkut has become much much more serious than last year about User-Security which is the cause of so many security updates.[/navy]

[u][gray][i]Related Screenshot[/i][/gray][/u] : http://img405.imageshack.us/img405/5104/11no4.gif

[purple]A better Search Engine[/green][/u]
Well it seems that orkut is at it again.. thanks to the new search engine you can search in orkut much easily and better than before…
For example if you make a spelling mistake.. orkut will show you the correct alternative.
[u][red][navy]And A few Tips about searching from me :[/navy][/red][/u]
? Search for 2 diff. things by using [red]+[/red] . For eg- [purple]Your Choice1 [red]+[/red] Your Choice2[/purple].
? Search exact sentence using quotes ie, [red][/red] [red][/red] . For eg- [red][/red][purple]Your Choice[/purple][red][/red].

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