Picasa Slide Show on Profile Page

Picasa Slide Show on Current Visiting Profile… !!

Type: GM Script
Developed By: Gaurav Verma
Published at: www.gauravv.com

Orkut had added the support for adding your picasa album feeds to orkut profile page,..but lets admit, its very minimal.You go to a friends page and then click on picasa feed link which displays picasa albums inside orkut and if you still want to browse you have to click on album link which takes you to the picasa page,..can these steps be minimized ?? how can i have a quick look on my friends picasa photos just by going on his/her profile page ?? Can something be done ??

Oh ya !! with a little help of javascript this feature can be easily added to orkut 🙂 and so Gaurav Verma have written this greasemonkey script which does exactly same.It checks whether the profile page you are visiting has added picasa photo feed to his profile and if he/she had ..then it adds a slideshow to show all the public photos of the user whose profile you are visiting. with captions (-:

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Screen Shot:

Know What is GMScript and How its Work and Install?

Enjoy Profile Visiting (-:

Text and Screen Shot Credit to Real author.

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