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Avast free antivirus

If you are running a windows OS on your computer then you must require an antivirus for protection from various threats. There are many antivirus softwares available in the market which you can use. Of course most of them are paid ones but you can get it free for one year as Avast Antivirus License for 1 year absolutely free is offered on their website.

All you need to do is goto this link and fill out the details. You will have your license key delivered to your email within 30 secs. Around one and half years back they started this offer and it is still valid.

Avast is a good antivirus which provides great protections from various threats and does not slows down your system. So just give it a try and grab your license now by clicking here.

cafe4tune : revolution in social networking


U.S. (California) set up by a group of businessmen from Russia and Armenia announces the launch of Cafe4tune international social network. The founders and developers of the idea think that the network can start a healthy competition with such “monsters” as VK or Facebook. The budget of the project makes over USD 20mln. is the first “live” social network where a user may not only send and receive text messages from his friends and colleagues through the chat but also manage its own 3D projection in the virtual 3D world- natural environment with its streets, hotels, cafes and passers-by. Users may communicate with such avatars live or in the video format: use of any communication means is provided in almost all the sections of the network.

Another innovative feature that is marked with is its business element. The network provides tools for creating virtual shops, galleries and exhibition halls with an option to organize online sales. Virtual spaces will bring the clients together as regular visitors of shops, galleries and other objects and can be as well used in their own business projects. In other words, enables companies to promote their brands effectively and for minimum expenses. will allow conducting your own online live broadcasts of any kind of events through video cameras of mobile devices as well. Music lovers will be able to conduct and watch live broadcasts from clubs and concert halls, sport lovers may sit in the stadium and share “live” match of the favorite football team with friends. You can find the broadcast you need in a convenient way, by themes or genres, and those who missed the event will be able to watch its recording. Permanent online live broadcasts may this way become an independent business project for users of

The project features a great number of entertainment resources. games are provided not only with game components but also options of video and audio-communication between the users.

The developers took into account important psychological and ethic aspects of the interaction of the network users as well creating special “tricks” such as for instance “polite refusal” of phone and video- calls.

The new social network has been developed for the past 3 years. As of now, since November 2011- the beta version of has been launched. Developers plan to launch the alpha version where the site will look as originally it has been developed, from February 2012. version is already launched for Android and iPhone and is available in 30 languages.

it is also avaibale for android and iphone .. those links are : and

You can become a user and test the beta version of the new social network at


How to handle web traffic and spikes if your website has some static content

Today the main problem we all face in the world of the internet is that sometimes the response time of a website is high and sometime it do not respond at all may be due to the fact that it is getting chocked with the number of requests and not able to handle new requests.  As we know, Internet is network of networks and they communicate to each other based upon the business deal they have, not upon the performance. So the end user’s request might take longer path to reach out origin server or the server’s response might take longer path to reach end user. The other problem is that its really difficult to predict the incoming traffic always. There might be a sudden increase in traffic because of some campaigns or change in search engine result’s traffic and its practically not possible to scale up the server’s infrastructure for this short span of time and server may get crashed because of this sudden spike of traffic. So this article will explain you how to handle web traffic and how to handle spike of web traffic using  free cdn. After reading this article you will also know how to reduce load on server.

traffic spike

One of the best solution for such problems is that to use CDN [content deliver network]. Lets discuss what a CDN is.

What is CDN?

As per the wikipedia article the definition is

A content delivery network or content distribution network (CDN) is a system of computers containing copies of data placed at various nodes of a network.When properly designed and implemented, a CDN can improve access to the data it caches by increasing access bandwidth and redundancy and reducing access latency. Data content types often cached in CDNs include web objects (text, graphics, URLs and scripts), downloadable objects (media files, software, documents), applications, live streaming media, and database queries.

free cdn

So it means if you have some static content on your websites, like images, text files or some media files then you can “cache” them on CDN’s servers which are located near to the end user and deliver to them in faster and efficient manner. This way you can also minimize the hits to your server. All of the major sites today use some kind of CDN services. eg facebook uses the world’s largest CDN Akamai.

Which CDN to go for?

Well, if you are making good amount of money and you want the best performance then you can always go for big players like Akamai which will improve your website’s performance drastically [for dynamic contents as well]. But if your budget is small or you want the free service then you can use Cloudflare. They offer free plan to cache your static content and drastically reduce the load on your webserver. As i know Cloudflare is the only free CDN in the market. They will help you to reduce load on server and also they will help you to increase the website performance.

How they work?

Once you sign up for their service all you need to do is to change your nameservers to the one provided by them so that when the request comes, it gets mapped to their network first and if the requested object is found in their cache then it will be delivered from their itself. The request will only hit your server when requested object is not available in their server’s cache. In this way you can reduce the traffic hits to your server. And if the server’s load is reduced and there is a sudden increase in traffic, what we call spike, then also all hits will not come to your server directly. Instead they will go to their server. And hence there are greater chances of handling such traffic with existing infrastructure.

I hope this atricle will help the people, specially the one who wants to reduce the load on their server at low price or for free using free CDN. If you have any doubts then feel free to comment. Thank you.

Get Free Domain Name and Hosting at 1$ from netfirms

Get one free Domain Name and Hosting at 1$ for one year from netfirms. This is real and i personally checked and found it to be working absolutely fine. The tutorial was shared in facebook OUG group and since it might be useful for many people out here so i thought this to share with you. The tutorial is very simple and the offer is valid till 30th Nov only so you should get is before the offer expires.

Step 1:Use CCleaner .. Clear all cookies and cache after quitting the browsers.. (*Important)

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Use any domain while registering.. Keep the affiliate account logged in.

Step 3: go to and register for $1 Hosting + Domain

Step4: After registering for hosting, Ask the chat support ( to add the domain credit. Then go to Domain Central in the hosting area and register the domain.

Top Linux Flavors You Should Try

Linux operating systems are attractive options in times of financial limits in cutbacks. Linux operating systems aren’t just an inferior “free” option, though. Many of them are also streamlined, easy to use and powerful. One of the elements that make many people feel intimidated about using Linux is that there are so many distributions (called Flavors) to choose from. These flavors are all the products of different creative teams and philosophies, but it doesn’t have to be hard to choose. Here is a list of some of the best Linux flavors available and how to determine whether each flavor is right for you.


Slackware is one of the oldest flavors of Linux, though it was once the most popular there was. Unlike some flavors, Slackware can be technically complicated, but it does have advantages. Slackware is an incredibly stable system, and considered the least buggy out of all of them. The downside of this stability is that the flavor is difficult to build on, and doesn’t have many applications. Slackware is popular OS for servers


Debian is an old flavor of Linux, dating back to the early nineties. However, it has come a long way. It is considered very stable and has a massive library of working software available. It comes in four stages from the experimental release to the final release, so those willing can take advantage of the cutting edge. For those who don’t like using under-construction software, the releases can be slow, meaning the final releases are usually outdated soon after release.


Fedora is a Linux flavor that has the advantage of being supported by a profitable company, while still respecting the free software community. Fedora is considered one of the more up-to-date flavors and has the most modern features and applications. Fedora is considered somewhat difficult to use for those who aren’t used to it.


Ubuntu is one of the newest flavors available for Linux, but is already immensely popular. It is also very easy to use and popular with users who are new to Linux. It also has a huge library of user-created documentation for those having trouble. It has a 6 month schedule of releases, which ensures that it has every feature that the modern and tech-savvy user is looking for. For some people, however, the rapidity of the updates and changes can be too much to remember.


These are the 5 most widely used Linux flavors, depending up the taste and user experience Linux users rate them over one another, however if you are just starting out with Linux my personal suggestion would be to go with Ubuntu as it is most user friendly and one can try it with with minimum effort as in windows.


Author Bio :Dave is a Internet marketing enthusiast and web designer working for Go Globe a Shanghai Web design firm.

Hamsphere: Virtual Ham Radio transceiver on your PC

Hamsphere simulates a full blown virtual Ham radio transceiver on you system. It can be operated by licensed and unlicensed DX’ers for free. If you are not having Amateur radio license, they will issue you a “call sign” while registering.

What is so great about this Ham Radio Software Transceiver?

No extra hardware needed, just your PC, a microphone, speakers and you are ready to call CQ on the virtual Ham Radio bands.

You can feel audio on Hamsphere with simulations of occasional band noise and fading, as in a real radio transceiver. The user interface looks like a real HF transceiver


If you are interested in becoming an Amateur radio operator, here is the opportunity to practice it without buying costly amateur radio gear.
Forget about building complex antennas, raising it on high mast, antenna tuners etc. All you need is an Internet connection and Java support.
Voice (SSB) and CW (Morse code) are allowed on most bands. On the lower bands we can turn on/off(noise-free) the simulation.

Digital modes were prohibited on HamSphere earlier, but are now supported on the 30m band. RRTY, PSK31, SSTV etc can be used.

Pre-requisite: Download JAVA

Download Hamsphere (Windows, Mac and Linux )


For more updates @Hampshere

Compare Mobile Broadband – 3G vs 4G

4g mobile broadband

For most of us, the internet has become a cornerstone of our lives and culture. Much of what we do and say is mediated by a vast network of connections. Until recently, access to this essential tool was essentially unmovable. Today, the processing power of phones has enabled us to take much of what we do on the internet with us anywhere we go. The type of connection you choose for your wireless device may seem like an afterthought, but it is in fact one of the most important decisions when considering wireless technology and wireless technology plans. After all, what good is a Lamborghini if all you have to drive on are dirt roads?

Third and Fourth Generation

When we compare mobile broadband deals and carriers, it must be understood that the two main options are 3rd Generation and 4th Generation, otherwise known as 3G and 4G. Each generation has its own standards and methods of handling data transmission. The time between the development of each generation has not been very long, but the differences in speed are incredible.

In terms of wireless broadband networks, think of 3G as a narrow dirt road, while 4G is something like a 10 lane super highway. The difference in speed is huge – a 3G connection maxes out at about 2 Mbps while a 4G connection can go even higher than 20 Mbps. This means 4G is potentially more than ten times faster than 3G.

Out with the Old

4G no longer depends on the archaic method of circuit switching which is based on old telephone systems. 4G communication is exclusively packet based, which means it is not bottle necked by the long out-dated phone system. On a 3G connection, the system’s available resources are dedicated equally to each connection, even if the open connection is not sending or receiving any information.

With 4G’s method of packet switching, resources are only used when there is an actual need for data transfer. There is no need to keep system resources on standby if they are not being used. Because of this change, 4G networks can handle more connections at the same time.

Handling the Masses

As mobile technology becomes more widespread, so too does the need for wireless broadband. More and more people are entering the wireless broadband market every day, and as they do, networks are increasingly burdened. 3G networks are very limited in their ability not only to handle multiple connections, but to provide adequate speed for each one. 4G, on the other hand, has utilized a number of new methods to not only handle more connections, but to also provide much higher speeds for each connection. In a world that is becoming increasingly reliant on the internet with each passing day, it is clear that when we compare mobile broadband deals across all providers, 4G technology is the main selling point.

Blake Sanders is a tech writer at broadband comparison site Broadband Expert where he specializes in mobile phones, industry news and information, as well as how to compare mobile broadband deals.

Note: Photo courtesy of arabcrunchvia FlickR Creative Commons.