Hamsphere: Virtual Ham Radio transceiver on your PC

Hamsphere simulates a full blown virtual Ham radio transceiver on you system. It can be operated by licensed and unlicensed DX’ers for free. If you are not having Amateur radio license, they will issue you a “call sign” while registering.

What is so great about this Ham Radio Software Transceiver?

No extra hardware needed, just your PC, a microphone, speakers and you are ready to call CQ on the virtual Ham Radio bands.

You can feel audio on Hamsphere with simulations of occasional band noise and fading, as in a real radio transceiver. The user interface looks like a real HF transceiver


If you are interested in becoming an Amateur radio operator, here is the opportunity to practice it without buying costly amateur radio gear.
Forget about building complex antennas, raising it on high mast, antenna tuners etc. All you need is an Internet connection and Java support.
Voice (SSB) and CW (Morse code) are allowed on most bands. On the lower bands we can turn on/off(noise-free) the simulation.

Digital modes were prohibited on HamSphere earlier, but are now supported on the 30m band. RRTY, PSK31, SSTV etc can be used.

Pre-requisite: Download JAVA

Download Hamsphere (Windows, Mac and Linux )


For more updates @Hampshere

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6 thoughts on “Hamsphere: Virtual Ham Radio transceiver on your PC”

  1. I have another vitural internet radio on my PC called CQ 100, and it works great..I just downloaded Hamsphere,and it comes up ok.but I don’t get any transmit audio.The recieve audio is ok. My friend has the same set up as me,also CQ 100.His Hamsphere works fine.Do I have to have some other program to make the transmit audio work ? CW works ok. HELP Thanks

  2. Hamsphere needs Java run-time. If you could receive audio then you are having it.
    Please check your audio settings. Make sure that “Microphone balance” is selected from “Adjust volume for Recording tab”.

  3. Dear Prasanth,could you please cliafry u have a pre-paid or a post -paid bsnl connection? their website mentions that this unltd data plan for gprs of Rs.199 is available only for post paid customers apart from this could u also post bsnl gprs settings for iphone appreciate your help !Reply from PrasanthThe 199 unlimited bsnl plan is only available for post paid customers.Now i am using airtel data card sim that gives me unlimited gprs anywhere in India for 1200 Rs per month. Which is a bit costly but i can use web anywhere in india with my iphone.You can find the . Gprs settings depend on the area you are from. Select the reasion and put the apn it shows on your iphone and you should be good. If after putting the correct apn if the gprs is not working restart the iphone with the settings and then try.Thank you

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