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Few days back i posted about a hack which can provide you free 3g speed without paying for it. Now i found one more hack. BSNL is offering free GPRS for 1 month. and we have tested and its working is South India.

Now here is the catch. If you are getting 3G signal in your handset then you will get 3G absolutely FREE. This is the latest and working bsnl 3g hack, bsnl gprs hack,free gprs from bsnl

The procedure:

you can enjoy 2 GB free for 30 days. Just type BSNL TRIAL and send to 53733. Hurry, tested in keral, Chennai etc.Thank to Shaheem for letting us know about this.

Just see what Dheeraj replied about it in OUG

Please check on you end and let us know your views via your comments. Thanks for reading Techian. Stay tuned as i will be posting more hacking tips here.

BSNL GPRS hack, 2+Mbps & Unlimted Downloading = Rs 274/mo


2+Mbps & Unlimted Downloading = Rs 274/mo.

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mlm Unguli wale of OUG

Req. Brand New BSNL 3G sim & 3G handset ( i recommended Micromax 300G Datacard) 1). Go to a BSNL outlet n ask for a 3G sim 2). Then recharge it with Rs. 120 in which u ll get Rs 20 balance & 6 month validity 3). Then convert it to 2G by recharging it with Rs. 2 4). Then activate Unlimited GPRS plan for 2G on ur card by recharging Rs. 274 Now in ur Handset set access point as bsnlnet n now use unlimited GPRS with speed of 3G Proof:
Please Consider this post just for information that it was working .. but no more working now.  Do not try this. You are late here :-)