Mozilla Firefox – Some Hacking Tweaks

I prefer you always use Mozilla Firefox.

Lots of advantage over Internet Explorer.

The biggest advantage in using Firefox over I.E. is the fact that spyware does not get on your machine nearly as much.

In my experience with these browsers, I.E. will attract at least 60% more spyware than Firefox. Spyware might not seem like a big deal but over time your machine will collect it like wax collects in your ears. It will slow your PC down and problems will begin from that point.

Mozilla Firefox offers the fantastic advantage of the Site Navigation toolbar. This toolbar can be used to separately display the content from the link tags provided in any document



In Mozilla Firefox you can set multiple home pages

Suppose you would like to set yahoo, Google and as your homepages. Then try this tweak in Firefox to set multiple homepages. It can be done as:

  • Goto Tools>Options>Main
  • In When Firefox starts drop down menu choose Show my home page
  • In Home page give your homepages separated by a | (pipe symbol)
  • Click OK



2. USEFUL add-ons to cheat with the online shopping and some other paying websites.


also this add-ons useful to know what actual process is going on after click some button & which type of method used by web service.

“Tampering” is the act of modifying request parameters before request submission. To begin Tampering, in the Ongoing Requests window, click the “Start Tamper” button in the upper-left corner.

From here on out, whenever a top-level request is issued, you’ll be prompted to tamper with the request. Selecting the Tamper button will launch the Tamper Popup.

Traditional HTTP header fields are to the left, while any POST data is to the right. If the request uses the GET method, then the right-hand side of the dialog will be empty.

After changing any request parameters, clicking OK will execute the request. In the Tamper Popup window, right-clicking a field reveals shortcut methods for a number of neat tricks such as URL encoding/decoding, Base64 encoding/decoding and HTML character removal.

Video Example of Tamper Data


Get visual video summaries on YOUTUBE

Videosurf recently released a nifty Firefox Extension, which lets you scan through the video on Youtube and in your search results even before you play they right?

Get visual video summaries on Google, Yahoo! & Youtube search pages as well as the Youtube video page. See what a video is about before watching it and jump around in time.

VideoSurf video summaries display selected thumbnails from the most important scenes in a video. Now you can easily find the video you want, avoid spam and jump to specific moments in a video.

Click Here to Download

Visual Summaries Available On:

– Google Search
– Youtube Search
– Youtube Home Page
– Youtube Video Page
– Yahoo! Search
– FriendFeed

Additional Features and Options:

– Use the visual summary to jump in time while watching a video on YouTube’s video page
– Discover more videos featuring the characters in the videos you click on, and learn more about them