Computer virus is nothing but a software program that has the ability to reproduce itself and affect the application program in the system. This spreads from one system to another through network files or through memory devices like floppy disks, pen drives and DVD discs. Most of systems are attacked by the types of virus like Trojan horse and other computer worms. These programs are unnecessary and should be detected and removed so that it does not crash the whole hard disk memory. These virus programs can break the security maintained and spreads easily. The virus programs targets the application program and executes their source code when user tries to run the infected application. Thus the virus program takes the full control of the application program.


There are many anti virus programs that can be used to detect the virus programs residing in system. But virus programs uses various methods to hide itself from being detected by the anti virus software. Some virus programs interrupts the request of the anti virus request and diverts to itself instead of OS. Some virus programs make use of encrypted codes to hide itself from the view of anti virus software. If the virus programs are left undetected it affects the operating system files which result in failure of booting process. This is the worst effect produced by the virus program. This makes computer trouble shooting as a difficult task to be carried out.


There is much software available for virus removal and also malware removal. System restore is one of the options that are available in windows OS and this option can be used for removing the virus program. Some virus programs can be removed by reinstalling the operating system which is the trivial solution for the virus affected systems. There also anti virus software like MacAfee, Avira anti virus etc that can be used to safe guard systems. In order to make the best use of these anti virus programs it is necessary to download these from a clean computer. It is also mandatory to remove the internet connection of the affected system. Thus by following these computer tips one can safeguard and if affected can take the best action against the virus.