Volumedrive ran away with the servers and users data

Volumedrive scam

Volumedrive ran away with the servers and users data. Their main website is offline and received a disturbing mail from burst.net regarding the same.

The mail says:

Hello,Unfortunately, due to a recent situation with VolumeDrive, your server is likely currently offline. BurstNET may be able to assist you in the matter, if by chance we still have your server in our possession, or can set you us a rush delivery replacement server.VolumeDrive was scheduled to relocate to our brand new facility here in PA, moved about 20% of their stuff in, put the rest of their stuff in another truck, and never showed up with the remainder at our facility. We tracked them to an office building about 20 miles away, and we assume the rest of the stuff is relocated there, and we saw all their cars and staff outside the building to confirm it. After 24 hours, they do not even have their own website online, so we question whether they will get anything online at all, and how they are going to explain the 300+ servers they left down in our facility with live clients on them.We do have a percentage of the servers they hosted, that they simply left behind, and are more than happy to accommodate you if possible. Even if we do not have the physical server we would be happy to rush build you a new machine and have it online as soon as possible, running in a company that has been in the industry for 23 years, and is not going anywhere soon. The first step in getting your server back online would be opening a ticket to sales@burst.net in which we will provide you with the steps for transferring service to us. We empathize with the inconvenience this has caused you, and want to do whatever we are able to get you, and your end clients/users/visitors, back online as soon as possible.Please contact sales@burst.net ASAP, and we will do our best to assist you in your time of need here…Thank you for your time.

One of my seedbox was down from past few days and i was wondering what could be the reason. Volumedrive is known for providing cheaps servers. Once upon a time BHW forum was hosted there. Its really unfortunate for everyone if they do not comeback. Hard work of so many people is just ruined because of their act. This is one of the treason you should aleays choose reliable web host.