Call Spoofing

Few weeks back .. i made one same topic for this.. but that number stopped working.. so here is the new one

just dial –

+239 299328

then wait for a beep after that dial the number you want to display in your friends number with the prefix 91 and then again wait for next beep, after that dial the number which you wanna call … everything done, and call will get connected

or else use this format —

+239 299328 p 919895012345 p 919895000000

here it will display the no: 919895012345
and make call to this no: 919895000000

and hope u know “p
just press star key 3 times “p” will appear
In Iphones … instead of p a comma , is used


* To spoof your phone will call an international number , international rates will apply
* Number to call should start with the 91 prefix
* Dialing the spoof no: takes around 20 seconds
* Some one told me that this spoof work for all country’s , i am not sure about that but its working in india
* Even if you try to make miss call you will loose money , since you are dialing an international no:


* Do this at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage caused
* Just shared with you guys coz sharing is caring.. dont call 100 and say “bomb”

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3 thoughts on “Call Spoofing”

  1. I tried it …itz ot wrkin ..wen i dialed tat number the ring went after 4 seconds it disconnected and i lost rs 45 for the call..i tried from chennai vodafone number.
    so guys be ready to lose money before testing.

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