Explorer crash on opening of some folder having viedos

While working on win xp i have faced many problems whose solution is not there even with MS people..

one such problem is the occurrence of explorer. According to ms people it happens because o corrupt codecs. But when it happened with me i couldn’t found any such problem. Anyway.. they still didn’t gave any solution for this. what happens exactly is that when you open some folder containing videos it results in a crash of explorer and explorer restarts and you get a window to sen error report.

Well, the solution [temporary] is that open that folder and quickly [before ur explorer crash again] change the view from thumbnails to ANY other.  Even after doing so the explorer will crash but next time when u open the same folder.. it wont crash again if its in icon view or detail view[but not thumbnail]. Now in explorer open Tools>folder options>view>now uncheck “hide protected os files” . a warning will be displayed.. ignore it.. click apply.

now goto that folder. you may see a file named thumbs.db. delete it. Now again goto Tools>folder options>view>now check “hide protected os files” for safety. and click apply

now u may again change the view of that folder to thumbnails. but if it crashes again then repeat the above said process and dont use the thumbnails view again for that folder until you format the system in future.

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