How to increase the internet speed

Hello Readers, This topic is useful for all the people who really want to know how they can increase their net connection speed. The truth is that you can not legally bypass the download speed of your internet connection and if you try to do so its 100% sure that you will be contacted by your ISP very soon.

What you can do at the most is that you can really “Optimize” your internet speed as per your requirements. If you have a wired line with a fixed internet speed, say 512 kbps, then you may optimize it to get the maximum out of it. You will be getting a maximum of 64 kbps download speed on a 512 kbps plan. Please note that communication speed is 512 kilo bits per second while the data transfer rate is measured in kilo bytes per second. Hence devide the communication speed number by 8 and you will get your data transfer speed because 1 Byte = 8 bits

How to optimize your internet connection?

1.Use firefox optimization technique for optimizing browsing

2.Use internet accelerators for downloading any file. I would sugest you to go for flashget as it is free to use for personal use.

3.Keep your system virus free.

4.Optimize torrent client for getting maximum download speed

5.Close those applications which are not being used by you.

6.optimize your TCP settings. Use the tool Dr TCP for this purpose. The details on how to use it can be found here

Next time i would be posting how can we further optimize the browser and torrent client. Also i am experimenting on wireless broadband and would be posting the full tutorial on how can we get better speed. Thanks for reading my post. If you like it then please share it with others by clicking the below icons.  Do not forget to join our email subscription in order to get the updates directly to your mailbox.

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