How to save mp3 files from

Hallo techians..

i think all of us are aware of and its huge content. Its a good file hosting site where you may store your data FREE :)
Till few days back it was providing facility to download mp3 files
stored there but due to recent DMCA complains they have adopted a new
policy for users in which they are providing streaming of songs but not
providing download facility.


As you may see in the screenshot even if i have installed internet
download manager which facilitates the users to download even if any
flash content is there on the page. But still you cannot use to to
download the mp3 from this site now :(

Not to worry. By using a simple logic i found the way. Whatever
files are there on the page its actually stored in the browser’s cache.
Bingo!! this was the key..

All you need to find the cache folder. Linke am using firefox
browser in which its easiest to find. Just type the following in the
address bar


you can see the path of the cache folder


Just see the path of the cache folder here.

locate it.  and sort the files there in “date modified” and u may see few files in mb which are almost on top

cache2 All you need need to copy this file to some other location and rename it to anyname.mp3

Done!! So simple it was.

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