Increase your processor’s life and performance just by cleaning heatsink

Almost all of us just complain about our old desktop systems that its not performing as good as it use to do before. Well there are a lot of reasons behind it. Some software related some hardware related. We will discuss Software related issue in some other post but in this post i will bring to your attention a very common and simple issue.

You might have noticed with your cpu fan that it makes a lot of wheeming noise.. it seems like its running at its maximum speed and at that time your cpu performance degrades and it starts hanging. It may lead to increase in temperature and sometime even turn off your system abruptly.

Its mainly because the heat sink [meant for cooling down your processor] is full of dust and fan is not able to cool it down as dust forms a layer on it and prevent the air flowing through it.

The heat sink look like:

The metallic item placed under the fan is the heat sink.  When its become dusty it looks like:

Now just imagine how can air can pass through it? Its time to clean it.

Just use your vacuum  cleaner and blow away all the dust from it. It will help the air to pass through the heat sink and will cool down the processor. Also you cpu will not make noise. Your processor will last longer and also the performance will not go down. Do it time to time and see the difference. Thanks for reading my post. I will be happy to read your comments on my post.

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