Tips For People Who Want To Use Pirated Software


I know you are reading this and you must be using some or many or all softwares which are actually pirated :p Dont worry, i am not going to tell you what you should use and what you should not. This post of mine is for you people only telling you about what precautions you should take in order to use them without any problem.


  1. Never Update the software even if it ask you to do so.Eg Internet Download Manager
  2. Avoid installing software when connected to internet. Just before installing it disconnect your internet connection
  3. Try to use the setup files downloaded from the author site and use only keys to make it full version as softwares downloaded from other sources may be infected by virus/trojans
  4. If you are downloading software from some torrent site then make sure you read the review about it before downloading it
  5. Some software auto-connects to its developers site and update itself. To stop them from doing this you need to install a good firewall software on your system. I will recommend Zone Alarm. After installing it all the connections preference will be decided by you so you may prevent them from connecting to their host.
  6. Still some softwares are coded in such a manner that they will update themselves whenever you connects to internet. So for them just make sure their processes are not running when you dont need it. Just remove its entry from startup.
  7. Some software are too much intelligent, eg Artisteer. Never use such softwares when you are connected to net.

By practising these methods you can live healthy pirated life 🙂

Note: Always use genuine softwares. Its good for software industry

Thanks for reading my post. If you have installed any software which has infected your system then you may remove the virus by using our methods

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